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Discover the crisp and refreshing allure of Joel Gott Pinot Gris, a wine that captures the essence of elegance and purity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Pinot Gris showcases the varietal's expressive character, offering a vibrant and enjoyable tasting experience.

Joel Gott Pinot Gris graces the glass with a pale straw-yellow hue, inviting the eye to appreciate its clarity and brilliance. The nose is a delightful medley of fresh green apple, pear, and citrus blossom, creating an aromatic bouquet that sets the stage for a lively and invigorating tasting journey.

On the palate, the wine unfolds with a burst of bright and crisp fruit flavors. Green apple and juicy pear take center stage, accompanied by hints of citrus and a touch of minerality. The Pinot Gris's lively acidity contributes to a well-balanced and refreshing palate, making it an ideal companion for warm days and light fare.

The finish is clean and revitalizing, leaving the palate with a lingering sense of fruitiness. Joel Gott Pinot Gris is a versatile and food-friendly wine, pairing effortlessly with a variety of dishes or serving as a delightful sipper for casual occasions.

As a representation of Joel Gott's commitment to quality and the art of crafting expressive wines, Joel Gott Pinot Gris invites you to elevate your wine experience. Each sip reveals the vibrancy and purity that define this well-crafted Pinot Gris, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a crisp and refreshing white wine.



Tasting Notes

Joel Gott Pinot Gris presents itself with a pale straw-yellow hue, showcasing clarity and brilliance in the glass. The wine's visual appeal invites anticipation of a crisp and refreshing experience.

The aroma is a delightful medley of fresh green apple, ripe pear, and citrus blossom. The inviting bouquet creates an immediate sense of freshness and vibrancy, setting the stage for a lively tasting journey.

On the palate, the wine unfolds with a burst of bright and crisp fruit flavors. Green apple and juicy pear take center stage, offering a refreshing and invigorating character. Hints of citrus add a zesty quality, and a touch of minerality contributes to the wine's overall complexity. The lively acidity ensures a well-balanced and enjoyable palate.

Joel Gott Pinot Gris leaves a clean and revitalizing finish, with the fruitiness lingering on the palate. The finish is both refreshing and satisfying, making this Pinot Gris a versatile choice for various occasions.

Distillery Information

First, Pinot Gris wines are rich, full-bodied, and accompanied by higher alcohol content. Made with fully ripe grapes and occasionally barrel fermentation, Pinot Gris often have extra sweetness and a creamy feel.
Joel is a fourth-generation California vintner, and wine and food entrepreneur. Born in Napa Valley and raised in the Sierra Foothills where his parents started Montevina Winery, Joel later moved to Carmel and upon graduating high school went to work for Kenwood Winery in Sonoma County.
Gott is a fourth-generation vintner who founded his eponymous brand in 1996, building his reputation as a value-oriented vintner with wines made from primarily purchased grapes in California, Oregon and Washington. The company also owns multiple California vineyards. Joel's wife, Sarah, oversees winemaking.In 2009, Joel Gott Wines partnered with Trinchero Family Estates. The relationship enables Joel Gott and his team to focus on sourcing the best fruit to produce high quality wines, while Trinchero helps Joel execute his vision for sales, distribution and marketing.
Pinot gris is a white wine grape variety from France and the varietal wine that shares its name. A mutation of pinot noir, pinot gris originated in Burgundy in the Middle Ages and was rediscovered in 1711 in Germany, where it's known as grauburgunder and ruländer.In France it is always referred to as pinot gris, with the “gris” part of the name meaning “grey” in French, a direct nod to the colouring of the skin of the grape.
The different styles of Pinot Gris wine can vary just as much as the grape colour (blue-grey to pink). Crisp, light, dry examples of Pinot Gris are extremely food-friendly.