Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel Whiskey

Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel Whiskey

Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel Whiskey

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Embark on a unique and adventurous whiskey journey with Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel – an extraordinary expression that pushes the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship. This exceptional rye whiskey undergoes a distinctive aging process, sailing the high seas aboard specially outfitted ships, allowing the casks to mature under the influence of the ocean's relentless motion and salty sea air.

The result is a double-barreled masterpiece that captivates the senses from the first pour. Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel presents itself with a rich, amber hue, reflecting the dynamic aging environment it experienced during its maritime voyage.

The nose is an intricate blend of bold rye spices, complemented by the subtle influence of sea air. Notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of oak contribute to the complexity, teasing the anticipation of the tasting experience ahead.

On the palate, the journey unfolds with a symphony of flavors. Spicy rye characteristics take center stage, dancing with the sweetness of caramel, honey, and a hint of dried fruit. The double-barrel maturation imparts layers of depth and richness, creating a velvety and well-rounded mouthfeel.

The finish is a lingering crescendo, with the maritime influence subtly returning. The interplay of spice, oak, and a touch of sea-salted brine leaves a lasting impression, inviting contemplation and encouraging another sip to explore the whiskey's evolving complexities.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel is a testament to the artistry of whiskey-making and the influence of unique maturation environments. Whether enjoyed neat to appreciate its maritime journey or used as a bold addition to craft cocktails, this expression invites whiskey enthusiasts to embark on a tasting adventure like no other. Elevate your collection with Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel – a whiskey that encapsulates the spirit of exploration and the sea's untamed influence in every drop.

A captivating amber hue, reflecting the whiskey's maritime journey and double-barreled maturation. The liquid holds the promise of a complex and adventurous tasting experience.

The aroma is an intriguing dance of robust rye spices and the subtle influence of the sea. Waves of caramel, vanilla, and oak intertwine, creating a symphony of scents that evoke the essence of the whiskey's ocean-aged voyage.

The initial sip is an explosion of bold rye spices, a testament to the distinctive character of Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye Double Barrel. Caramel and honey sweetness follow, rounding out the flavor profile with hints of dried fruit. The double-barreled maturation contributes to a velvety and luxurious mouthfeel, inviting you to savor the layers of depth.

The finish is a lingering masterpiece, with the maritime influence making a subtle return. Spice, oak, and a touch of sea-salted brine intertwine, leaving a lasting impression that invites contemplation. The whiskey's evolving complexities encourage another sip to continue the extraordinary tasting journey.

Jefferson's Bourbon has not had a home until quite recently. They've been able to create pretty cool barrels of bourbon in these years, and this makes it one which brand loyalists love. Presently, they have a home at Kentucky Artisan Distillery (KAD), which is in Crestwood, Kentucky.
Jefferson's Reserve Distillery is made at Kentucky Artisan Distillery at 6230 Old Lagrange Road in Crestwood, Ky.Begun as an experiment to discover what would happen if bourbon was left to weather the extreme elements, Jefferson's Ocean showcases complex flavors reminiscent of other spirits; the almost black color and caramel flavors resemble a dark rum as the sugars within the barrels caramelized; the briny, savory taste from ...
Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea® is fully matured for at least four years, then placed in rickhouses on ships to travel the globe which hyper-ages the bourbon. The constant agitation, weather conditions and sea-salt air impart a flavor like no other bourbon on the market.
Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon is matured in American oak casks for approximately seven to eight years on land, before the casks are placed on a ship and allowed to rest for another five to ten months at sea.
The Kentucky Artisan Distillery is the official home of Jefferson's Bourbon.

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