Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer

Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer

Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer

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Introducing Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer, a refreshing and vibrant fusion of premium tequila and the tropical allure of ripe mango. Crafted with the same dedication to quality that defines the Hornitos brand, this sparkling tequila seltzer offers a convenient and invigorating way to enjoy the bold flavors of Mexico.

At the heart of this enticing beverage is Hornitos Tequila, renowned for its 100% blue agave base. Blended with the natural essence of sun-kissed mangoes, each sip delivers a burst of fruity goodness that perfectly complements the smooth and clean profile of the tequila.

Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer is a celebration of balance, offering a light effervescence that accentuates the crispness of the mango infusion. With just the right amount of sweetness, this seltzer captures the essence of a tropical getaway in a convenient and portable can.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, exploring the outdoors, or simply looking for a lively and flavorful companion to your social gatherings, Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer is your passport to a refreshing escape. Crack open a can and enjoy the harmonious marriage of tequila and mango – a taste of Mexico in every sip.

Embrace the laid-back spirit of Hornitos with this innovative and effervescent offering. Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer invites you to experience the perfect blend of tequila craftsmanship and tropical indulgence, delivering a sip-worthy sensation that transports you to a sunny paradise with every effervescent moment.

Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer pours into the glass with a lively effervescence, showcasing a pale golden hue reminiscent of a sun-kissed mango. The bubbles dance playfully, inviting anticipation for the tropical symphony that awaits.

Upon lifting the can, the invigorating aroma of ripe mango fills the air, immediately transporting you to a tropical orchard. The essence of Hornitos Tequila peeks through, offering a subtle agave undertone that adds depth to the fruity bouquet.

The first sip is a burst of refreshing delight. The smooth Hornitos Tequila serves as the canvas for the vibrant mango infusion, creating a harmonious blend that is both lively and invigorating. The sweetness of the mango is perfectly balanced, allowing the tequila's inherent crispness to shine through.

Hornitos Mango Tequila Seltzer concludes with a clean and quenching finish. The effervescence lingers, leaving a subtle reminder of the tropical rendezvous. The absence of any cloying aftertaste ensures a remarkably crisp and satisfying conclusion.

It is made from 100% agave which is double-distilled, the first time in a column-still and the second in a stainless steel pot-still. The reposado, "rested" two months in 10,000 gallon vats called pipones, takes on a pale straw color.
Hornitos Plata Tequila is a medium-bodied tequila proudly made in Jalisco, Mexico.
Tequila Seltzers. Hornitos® has a history of pushing boundaries to defy tradition. That's why we combined bold Plata Tequila with refreshing seltzer and natural Lime, Mango, Pineapple & Passion Fruit flavors. So, you can take a shot, wherever the night takes you. We'll raise a can to that, SALUD!
Take a shot, wherever the night takes you, and join us in raising a can to that—SALUD! With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5%, Hornitos Ready to Drink Passion Fruit Seltzer is not just a drink; it's a celebration in every sip.
It was founded in 1873 when Don Cenobio Sauza started La Perseverancia distillery. Sauza Tequila Import Company is owned by Beam Suntory, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Their products include Sauza, Conmemorativo, Hornitos and Tres Generaciones.
Hornitos was a rollicking Mexican village that sprang up in 1850 a few miles from the newly rich gold diggings of Quartzburg. Situated on Burns Creek, ”Hornitos” means “little ovens” in Spanish and was named for the above-ground rock and adobe graves of Mexican settlers found in the area.

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