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Introducing High Coast Hav Single Malt Scotch Whisky – a sublime expression of craftsmanship and Nordic heritage. Born amidst the rugged landscapes of Sweden's High Coast region, this exceptional whisky is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the distillers at High Coast Distillery.

On the palate, experience a rich and full-bodied character. Waves of honeyed sweetness mingle with the warmth of oak, complemented by a gentle peat smoke that adds depth and complexity. The journey concludes with a lingering finish, leaving a trail of toffee and a touch of brine that captures the spirit of the High Coast.

Craftsmanship: High Coast Hav is meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients and traditional distillation methods. The distillery's commitment to quality shines through in every drop, from the carefully selected malted barley to the expertly charred oak casks that cradle the spirit during its maturation.

The whisky's unique character is shaped by the distillery's geographical location, where the influence of the North Sea and the surrounding nature imparts distinct characteristics to the final product. High Coast Hav is a true reflection of its terroir – a whisky that encapsulates the essence of its origin.

Packaging: Encased in a sleek and sophisticated bottle, High Coast Hav is presented with a label that pays homage to the stunning landscapes that inspire its creation. The packaging reflects the brand's commitment to both tradition and modernity, capturing the attention of whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether sipped neat to savor its intricate layers of flavor or used as the foundation for crafting exceptional cocktails, High Coast Hav is a versatile and exquisite addition to any whisky collection. Elevate your tasting experience and embark on a journey of discovery with this extraordinary Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Indulge in the allure of the High Coast Hav – where craftsmanship, nature, and tradition converge to create a whisky that transcends the ordinary.



Tasting Notes

A radiant amber hue glistens in the glass, capturing the golden essence of the Nordic sun. High Coast Hav unveils a rich and enticing visual allure, hinting at the depth of character awaiting exploration.

As the aroma awakens the senses, notes of sun-kissed orchard fruits dance in harmony with the sweet embrace of honeyed malt. Delicate wafts of vanilla and caramelized sugar linger in the air, inviting you to delve deeper into the whisky's intricate bouquet.

The first sip reveals a lush and velvety texture, coating the palate with a symphony of flavors. Dried apricots and figs intermingle, creating a decadent sweetness that unfolds gracefully. A subtle peat smoke emerges, adding layers of complexity without overpowering the delicate balance of the malt.

High Coast Hav takes a captivating turn towards the mid-palate, where the influence of oak becomes pronounced. Warmth emanates from the cask, infusing the whisky with nuances of toffee, dark chocolate, and a touch of seasoned leather. The maritime breeze subtly surfaces, leaving a whisper of sea spray that enhances the overall experience.

The journey concludes with a long and lingering finish that unfolds like a gentle coastal breeze. Toffee notes persist, accompanied by a hint of brine and a wisp of smokiness. The aftertaste is a testament to the whisky's craftsmanship, inviting reflection on the intricate layers of flavor that have unfolded throughout the tasting.

Distillery Information

High Coast Distillery, located in Bjärtrå in the North of Sweden, is an atypical distillery which produces exclusively Single Malt whiskies. Probably one of the closest distilleries to the Arctic Circle, 63° North, High Coast distills Single Malt whiskies of character which stand out by their aromatic finesse.
Therefore, a single malt means that the whisky has not been blended elsewhere with whisky from other distilleries. As with any Scotch whisky, a single malt Scotch must be distilled in Scotland and matured in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years, although most single malts are matured longer.
The site of the distillery was chosen for its access to clear spring water and abundant peat from the surrounding bogs. Set in splendid mountain scenery at the heart of the Cairngorm National Park, Dalwhinnie is the highest distillery in Scotland at 1164 feet above sea level.
The Hebridean Whisky Trail is an exciting and unique opportunity to experience the rich culture, provenance and landscape of five Hebridean islands whilst visiting six remarkable and very different single malt scotch whisky distilleries.
The 'single' in 'single malt' simply means that the whisky is the product of a single distillery. Therefore, while a single malt can contain whisky from many different casks, all of this whisky must have been produced by one distillery.While there are numerous records relating to the most expensive whisky ever sold — whether it's a single bottle, a cask, a private sale, etc. — it is generally accepted that the most expensive Scotch is The Macallan 1926.