Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake

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Introducing Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake – an exquisite harmony of tradition and purity. Crafted by the renowned Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., this sake exemplifies the artistry and commitment to quality that has defined the brand for over 270 years.

Organic Elegance: Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake is a celebration of nature's finest ingredients. Meticulously brewed using certified organic rice and water sourced from pristine spring-fed wells, every sip embodies the essence of purity and authenticity. Embrace a sake that not only satisfies your palate but also aligns with your commitment to sustainable, organic living.

Traditional Brewing Mastery: Steeped in centuries-old brewing techniques, Hakutsuru's artisans have perfected the art of creating a Junmai sake that transcends time. This sake is brewed using only rice, water, yeast, and koji mold – no additional alcohol or additives. The result is a sake that captures the true essence of the rice and the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

Sensory Delight: Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake unveils a delicate balance of flavors and aromas. With a clean and crisp profile, it offers a gentle sweetness complemented by subtle notes of rice, making it a versatile companion to a wide range of cuisines. Whether paired with sushi, grilled dishes, or enjoyed on its own, this sake elevates the dining experience with its refined taste.

Elevate Your Occasions: Whether you're a seasoned sake enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Japanese rice wine, Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake is a perfect choice for any occasion. The elegant bottle design reflects the sophistication within, making it an excellent gift for connoisseurs or a stylish addition to your own collection.

Serve Chilled, Sip Exquisitely: To fully appreciate the depth of flavors, serve Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake chilled. Experience the velvety texture and crisp finish as you indulge in a sip of this exceptional sake. The versatile nature of this Junmai sake makes it an ideal companion for both casual gatherings and formal celebrations.

Unveil the time-honored tradition of Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co. with every pour of Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake – a testament to the mastery of Japanese sake craftsmanship and a journey into the heart of authentic, organic brewing. Elevate your senses, and toast to the legacy of quality that defines Hakutsuru.

A crystal-clear elixir, Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake delights the eyes with its pale straw hue, reminiscent of golden sunlight. Gaze into the glass, and you'll witness the purity that characterizes this exceptional sake.

As the aroma unfolds, a gentle bouquet of rice blossoms, mingled with subtle fruity undertones, greets the senses. Delicate notes of pear and melon dance in harmony, inviting anticipation of the nuanced flavors to come.

Upon the first sip, experience a velvety, medium-bodied texture that gracefully coats the palate. The organic rice takes center stage, delivering a delightful sweetness that unfolds into layers of complexity. The taste profile is elegantly balanced, revealing hints of white peach, with a touch of earthiness that anchors the palate.

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake leaves a clean and refreshing finish, marked by a crispness that lingers on the tongue. The absence of additional additives allows the sake's natural qualities to shine through, providing a pure and satisfying conclusion to each sip.

Among these various sake breweries stands Hakutsuru, the largest sake producer in Japan. Hakutsuru benefits from excellent water sources including pristine spring water from Mt. Rokko, and the famous Miyamizu located in Nishinomiya.
Hakutsuru is a gentle and incredibly drinkable sake. Its nose is an aromatic concoction of melon, grape, and sweet rice. Each sip is balanced with a rounded-out dry finish. The meticulous care used during brewing is reflected in the light complexity of the brew.
The word Junmai literally means "Pure Rice" so it refers to pure rice (non-additive) sake. Additionally, the Junmai classification means that the rice used has been polished to at least 70 percent.
Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from rice, koji, and water. Like wine and beer, producing sake requires fermenting the ingredients. On the contrary to what many people may believe, it is not a distilled spirit.
The only ingredients used are water, rice, koji and yeast – with no added alcohol. This classification also means that the rice used has been polished to at least 70 percent. Junmai sake tends to have a rich, full body with an intense, slightly acidic flavor.

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