Grande Absente Liqueurs

Grande Absente Liqueurs

Grande Absente Liqueurs

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Grande Absente is an exceptional absinthe that captivates the senses with its intricate profile and historical allure. Exhibiting a brilliant emerald-green hue upon pouring, it immediately sets the stage for a sensory journey. The aromatic bouquet is a harmonious fusion of botanicals, prominently featuring the distinctive scent of wormwood, the hallmark ingredient of traditional absinthe.

Upon the first sip, Grande Absente unveils a complex symphony of flavors. The palate is treated to a dance of anise, fennel, and other carefully selected herbs and spices, creating a nuanced and well-balanced profile. The licorice-like sweetness of anise seamlessly intertwines with herbal notes, providing a captivating and sophisticated taste experience.

The texture is velvety and smooth, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into the production of Grande Absente. It boasts a refined and lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression, inviting contemplation of the intricate layers of flavors.

Crafted with a nod to the historical roots of absinthe, Grande Absente offers a contemporary interpretation of this classic spirit. Whether enjoyed traditionally with water and a sugar cube or as a key component in creative cocktails, Grande Absente invites enthusiasts to savor the mystique and artistry of this timeless libation.

Clear, vibrant harlequin green. Some say it has a medium golden green color.
Pungent, aggressive peppery spirit, fresh fennel, aniseed, and liquorice. Some say it has a slightly peppery plant fragrance, dominating the freshness of mint and lemon balm.
Green, herbal flavors are pronounced when neat. Some say it has aromas and flavors of anise, star anise, cardamon pod, and all spice.
Bitter finish with white pepper and black liquorice. Some say it has a hot, interesting, very long finish with notes of anise, orange oil, ginger and anise christmas cookie, and wormwood and coconut cream.

Grande Absente is made by Distilleries et Domaines de Provence, a distillery located in Forcalquier, France. The distillery uses a recipe that was created before the spirit was banned, and includes wormwood.
The manufacturing process involves macerating the plants in alcohol for 15 days. The liquid part is then left to rest for 1–3 months, and the solid part is distilled.
Grande Absente is 138 proof (69% ABV) and contains more than 35 mg of Thujone per liter.

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