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Gordon's Gin is a classic and iconic distilled London dry gin that has been enjoyed for generations. With its distinctive and well-balanced flavor profile, this gin is renowned for its versatility and timeless appeal.

The gin begins with a juniper-forward aromatic experience, capturing the essence of the traditional London dry style. The nose is fresh and crisp, revealing the piney and slightly citrusy notes of juniper berries. As you delve deeper, subtle hints of coriander, angelica root, and citrus peel unfold, contributing to the complexity of the aroma.

Upon the first sip, Gordon's Gin showcases a harmonious blend of botanicals. The juniper remains at the forefront, providing a robust and classic foundation. The coriander adds a warm and spicy undertone, while the angelica root imparts a subtle earthiness. Citrus elements, derived from the carefully selected orange and lemon peel, bring a zesty brightness to the overall flavor profile.

The mouthfeel is smooth and well-rounded, thanks to the precise distillation process that ensures a balanced and consistent taste. Gordon's Gin is known for its approachable and versatile nature, making it an excellent choice for classic gin cocktails like the iconic Gin and Tonic. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a lingering impression of the gin's signature juniper character.

Whether enjoyed in a traditional cocktail or savored on its own over ice, Gordon's Gin stands as a timeless example of the craftsmanship and dedication to quality that has made it a staple in the world of gin enthusiasts for over a century.



Tasting Notes

Has a distinctively refreshing taste that comes from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a balance of fresh coriander, citrus and spice.

Distillery Information

Gordon's Gin has been distilled in Scotland since 1998 by Diageo Cameronbridge Distillery. The gin is triple distilled to ensure its purity, and the exact blend of botanicals is a closely guarded secret.
Alexander Gordon opened his first distillery in London's Southwark area in 1769.
In 1786, the distillery moved to Clerkenwell, and in 1898, it moved to Goswell Road.
In 1934, Gordon's opened its first distillery in the US, in Linden, New Jersey. In 1984, British production moved to Laindon in Essex, and in 1998, it moved to Fife in Scotland.
Gordon's Gin is 37.5% alcohol by volume (75 proof), except for the Sloe Gin variety, which is 26% (52 proof). Gordon's canned Gin and Tonics contain 5% (10 proof) alcohol.