Goose Island Bourbon County Cola Stout 2021 Beer

Goose Island Bourbon County Cola Stout 2021 Beer

Goose Island Bourbon County Cola Stout 2021 Beer

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Embarking on a bold exploration of barrel-aged stouts is inherent in our brewing DNA, and the culmination of this adventurous spirit is exemplified in our inaugural cola-inspired variant - the Classic Cola Stout. Crafted through the collaborative ingenuity of Brewers Paul Cade and Jason Krasowski, this exceptional brew is a tribute to their shared passion for the timeless allure of classic cola.

Diving into the flavor realm of a whisky cola, we've meticulously infused this stout with the essence of lime and orange juice, as well as zesty citrus peels. Elevating the complexity, we've introduced a symphony of botanicals, including coriander, cassia bark, and nutmeg, which harmonize with the rich sweetness of brown sugar and the comforting allure of vanilla.

The result is a groundbreaking concoction that pushes the boundaries of expectation, offering a unique and irresistible twist on the classic whiskey cola experience. The Classic Cola Stout is a must-try for aficionados of Bourbon County Stout, cola enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the nuanced marriage of whiskey and cola. Prepare to embark on a flavor journey that transcends conventions and delivers an unparalleled fusion of stout craftsmanship and cola-inspired innovation. Cheers to a revolutionary libation that redefines the limits of indulgence! ⁠⁠

notes of coffee, toffee, chocolate and roasted malts. Those same roasted malts are what create the distinct dark color of stouts. Alcohol plays a key role in the flavor profile of stouts, though it is less prominent than in higher-ABV beers like American strong ales.

The Goose Island Bourbon County Classic Cola Stout 2021 is a 14% ABV stout that's a twist on a whiskey cola. It's a blend of bourbon barrels from distilleries like Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace, and is aged for 8–14 months. The stout has flavors of chocolate, vanilla, oak, whiskey, and molasses, followed by caramel, berry fruit, and almond.
The Classic Cola Stout was created by brewers Paul Cade and Jason Krasowski.

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