Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year Batch #2 Whiskey

Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year Batch #2 Whiskey

Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year Batch #2 Whiskey

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Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year (Batch #2) is a distinguished and meticulously crafted single malt Scotch whisky that exudes sophistication and depth. With a deep amber hue, it captivates the senses from the first glance.

On the nose, this expression unveils a symphony of aromas, starting with rich and honeyed notes that intertwine with the delicate fragrance of orchard fruits. There's a subtle hint of vanilla and toffee, adding a layer of sweetness that enhances the overall olfactory experience. As the bouquet develops, a nuanced blend of oak, warm spices, and a touch of citrus emerges, creating a harmonious balance.

The palate is a journey of complexity and refinement. The 15 years of maturation bring forth a velvety smoothness, showcasing the whisky's maturity. Flavors of ripe apricots, baked apples, and a gentle infusion of baking spices unfold, providing a delightful interplay of sweet and spicy elements. The influence of the Cadboll Estate's unique terroir is evident, contributing a distinct character that sets this batch apart.

The mouthfeel is luxurious, with a creamy texture that coats the palate, allowing the intricate layers of flavor to linger. The oak influence becomes more pronounced, imparting a subtle dryness that complements the inherent sweetness.

The finish is enduring and satisfying, leaving a lasting impression of toffee, dried fruits, and a gentle warmth. Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year (Batch #2) stands as a testament to the artistry of the distillery, showcasing the culmination of time, expertise, and the influence of its exclusive estate. This expression is a true connoisseur's delight, offering a memorable and nuanced whisky experience.

Nose: Oaky vanilla, fresh hay, a backing of gentle spice, and waxy orange peel
Palate: Cereal sweetness, with drizzles of caramel, baked apples, warm oak, and baking spices
Finish: The spices build, with oak lingering

Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year (Batch #2) is a single malt Scotch whisky. It's made from barley grown on the Cadboll Estate, which surrounds the distillery's Highland home. The whisky is distilled in Scotland's tallest stills, which are as tall as a giraffe.
Glenmorangie is a Highland distillery located in Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland. The distillery was founded in 1843, but didn't begin operations until 1849. It's owned by The Glenmorangie Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.

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