Glenfiddich 29 Year Scotch Whiskey

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Elevate your whisky experience with Glenfiddich 29 Year Scotch Whiskey, a testament to the distillery's commitment to excellence and tradition. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and aged to perfection, this distinguished expression embodies the epitome of sophistication and refinement.

Matured for nearly three decades in hand-selected oak casks, Glenfiddich 29 Year reveals a depth of character and complexity that can only come with time. With each sip, indulge in a symphony of flavors, from rich oak and warming spices to luscious orchard fruits and hints of sweet honey.

Exuding elegance from every angle, Glenfiddich 29 Year is presented in a beautifully crafted bottle, adorned with the iconic stag emblem—a symbol of the brand's heritage and prestige. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, this exceptional whisky is sure to captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and legacy of Glenfiddich with Glenfiddich 29 Year Scotch Whiskey—an extraordinary addition to any whisky aficionado's collection.




Tasting Notes

Appearance: Glenfiddich 29 Year Scotch Whiskey presents a rich, amber hue, indicative of its long maturation period.

Aroma: Upon nosing, intricate layers of aroma unfold, with rich notes of oak, dried fruits, and warm spices mingling together. Subtle hints of vanilla and toffee add depth and complexity, while delicate floral undertones linger in the background.

Taste: The palate is treated to a symphony of flavors, with velvety textures and a well-balanced profile. Ripe orchard fruits, including apples and pears, dance alongside flavors of caramelized sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The influence of the oak casks is evident, imparting a smooth and rounded character to the whisky.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of dried fruits and oak spices. A subtle sweetness emerges towards the end, leaving a warm and comforting sensation that lingers on the palate. Glenfiddich 29 Year Scotch Whiskey is a true testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the distillery, offering a luxurious whisky experience that is sure to be savored.

Distillery Information

The Glenfiddich distillery produce the Glenfiddich whisky in Dufftown, Moray.
Exemplifying our family's tradition of innovation, our 15 Year Old expression is created using a technique pioneered by our Malt Master and its warm, spicy flavours are transformed with the alchemy of the Solera Vat.
A higher strength single malt Scotch whisky, crafted with our century-old traditions. After at least 15 years maturing in traditional American oak and Spanish oak, it is non-chill filtered to protect its subtle flavours. Unique floral and peppery notes are released and a sweet, velvet, warm finish.
Immensely popular Glenfiddich variant. Using a Solera system common in the maturation of quality sherry, 15yo malt from three different types of casks is married together in a wooden vat, which is constantly topped up to ensure the quality is maintained.
The firm is still wholly owned by the Grant family (now in its fifth generation), and has expanded to include three more malt distilleries [Balvenie, Kininvie and Ailsa Bay], a grain plant [Girvan] and other brands such as Monkey Shoulder and Hendrick's gin.
Glenfiddich is Scotland's best-known and most successful distillery. It is located in the heart of Speyside, in Dufftown to be precise. Also known as "The Giant", it has an impressive annual production capacity of 21 million litres.
Glenfiddich's 15 yo is created using a technique pioneered by their Malt Master. Aged in European oak sherry casks and new oak casks, the whisky is then mellowed in a Solera Vat.