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Introducing Gilbey's Gin, a timeless classic that has graced the glasses of gin enthusiasts for decades. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this London Dry Gin embodies the essence of tradition and quality. Known for its versatility and smooth profile, Gilbey's Gin has become a staple in the world of spirits.

With a crystal-clear appearance, Gilbey's Gin invites you to experience a juniper-forward bouquet, the hallmark of any excellent London Dry Gin. The nose is a harmonious blend of botanicals, offering a delicate interplay of citrus, coriander, and a subtle hint of spice. Each whiff is a journey through the iconic aromas that define this classic spirit.

On the palate, Gilbey's Gin delivers a refined and balanced experience. The juniper takes center stage, accompanied by a medley of botanicals that contribute to the gin's complexity. Citrus notes add a refreshing zest, while hints of coriander and angelica root provide depth and sophistication. The result is a gin that is both classic and approachable, making it an ideal foundation for a variety of cocktails.

Whether enjoyed in a classic Gin and Tonic, a crisp Martini, or as the key ingredient in your favorite mixed drink, Gilbey's Gin consistently delivers a smooth and satisfying experience. Its versatility extends to both casual gatherings and more formal occasions, making it a trusted choice for gin enthusiasts and mixologists alike.

Gilbey's Gin is more than a spirit; it's a testament to the enduring appeal of a well-crafted London Dry Gin. Elevate your drinking experience with the timeless sophistication of Gilbey's, where tradition and taste come together in every pour.



Tasting Notes

Gilbey's Gin presents itself with clarity in the glass, showcasing a crystal-clear and inviting demeanor that is characteristic of a classic London Dry Gin.

Upon nosing, the juniper-forward nature of Gilbey's Gin is immediately apparent. A delightful bouquet of juniper berries unfolds, accompanied by a subtle interplay of citrus, notably lemon and orange peel. There is a hint of coriander in the background, adding depth to the aromatic profile.

The palate is a testament to the classic and timeless character of Gilbey's Gin. Juniper takes center stage, delivering a crisp and clean foundation. Citrus notes brighten the palate, providing a refreshing zest, while the inclusion of coriander adds a nuanced complexity. The overall experience is smooth and well-balanced, making it an ideal choice for various gin-based cocktails.

The finish is clean and satisfying, with the juniper lingering subtly on the palate. Gilbey's Gin leaves a lasting impression of its traditional London Dry Gin profile, inviting another sip to appreciate its timeless charm.

Distillery Information

This brand is a classic Juniper-led London Dry Gin. The ABV (Alcohol by Volume) content is 37.5%. Gilbey's Gin prices in Kenya range between Ksh 1500 for 750 ml and 2500 for 1L. This brand was first produced in London in 1857 by Alfred and Walter Gilbey who were the original founding brothers of this liquor.
A classic juniper-led London Dry Gin from Gilbey's. The brand was founded in London in 1857 by brothers Walter and Albert Gilbey in the basement of a retail shop on Oxford Street. The famous recipe for Gilbey's® Gin was born in nineteenth century England.
Gilbey's gin is owned by Diageo but is produced and sold under a long-term license by Jim Beam Brands. It is flavoured with 12 botanicals. In 1857 Walter and Alfred Gilbey returned from service in the Crimean War and set up a wine importing business in London's Soho.
The key botanicals are; juniper, coriander, lemongrass, orange peel, kalamansi, angelica root, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Brothers Walter and Alfred founded W&A Gilbey in 1857, which started out as a wine and spirits merchant specialising in wines from the South African Cape. Located on the edge of Oxford Street in London, the brothers soon expanded into producing spirits – particularly London dry gin.
In making a fine London Dry Gin such as Gilbey's, the fermentation process is similar to whiskey production. The fundamental difference is that the congeners, the natural taste elements that are so necessary to Bourbon and Scotch are absent.