Gekkeikan Horin Sake

Gekkeikan Horin Sake

Gekkeikan Horin Sake

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Embark on a journey of Japanese craftsmanship with Gekkeikan Horin Sake, a premium sake that exemplifies the artistry of the Gekkeikan Brewery. Crafted with precision and tradition, Horin represents the pinnacle of the sake-making process, offering a refined and delightful drinking experience.

In the glass, Horin Sake presents itself with a crystal-clear appearance, inviting you to appreciate its pristine nature. The aroma is delicate and complex, featuring floral notes, hints of ripe pear, and a subtle rice sweetness, alluding to the depth of flavors that await.

Upon the first sip, Horin captivates the palate with a well-balanced and silky-smooth texture. The taste unfolds with layers of complexity, showcasing the harmony of rice sweetness, gentle fruitiness, and a touch of umami. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving a lingering impression of sophistication.

Versatile and revered, Gekkeikan Horin Sake can be enjoyed chilled to appreciate its purity or gently warmed to bring out its nuanced flavors. Whether savored on its own or paired with a variety of cuisines, this premium sake is an exquisite choice for those seeking the highest caliber of Japanese craftsmanship.

Presented in an elegant blue and silver bottle, Horin Sake is a symbol of Gekkeikan's commitment to excellence. Elevate your sake experience with Horin – where tradition meets innovation, and every sip is a celebration of Japanese artistry. Cheers to the refined and delightful moments captured in each pour.

Gekkeikan Horin Sake graces the glass with a crystal-clear appearance, inviting admiration for its pristine and refined nature. The sake's clarity sets the stage for an elevated tasting experience.

The delicate and complex aroma of Horin unfolds with floral notes, offering a subtle elegance. Hints of ripe pear and a gentle rice sweetness contribute to a nuanced and inviting bouquet, promising a well-balanced and sophisticated sake.

Upon the first sip, Horin captivates the palate with a silky-smooth texture and a well-balanced profile. The taste reveals layers of complexity, with a harmonious interplay of rice sweetness, gentle fruitiness, and a touch of umami. The palate showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and precision in the sake-making process.

The finish is clean and crisp, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication. Gekkeikan Horin Sake concludes each sip with a sense of refinement, inviting you to appreciate the nuances of flavor that linger on the palate.

Gekkeikan is a Japanese manufacturer of sake and plum wine based in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1637 by Jiemon Ōkura, in Fushimi, it is one of the world's oldest companies, and is a member of the Henokiens group.
Gekkeikan Traditional is a classic junmai style sake. This is the real, authentic taste of Gekkeikan USA, inherited from Gekkeikan in Japan, and made with American water, American ingredients, and by both Japanese and American employees.Herbaceous with hints of grapefruit and a light earthiness. Good acidity, mineral driven, well-balanced, clean, medium finish.
. Mild fruity aroma with delicate notes of over-ripe cantaloupe, honeydew and honeysuckle. Round and smooth on the palate, with a medium, creamy body. Finishes long and smooth, with a hint of pear.Sake is made from the simple ingredients of rice and water. Containing no artificial additives, enhancers or sulfites, Gekkeikan sake is completely natural. It is also a great way to add unique flavor to your favorite dishes.
Gekkeikan was founded in 1637 by Jiemon Okura when he opened a sake brewery in Fushimi, where our head office is currently located, after moving from the Kasagi area along the upper reaches of the Kizu River in southern Kyoto Prefecture. Jiemon named his brewery “Kasagiya,” or “Kasagi Shop,” after his home town.
Gekkeikan Traditional is the world's most popular Junmai-shu! It embodies the signature Gekkeikan style and represents over 370 years and 14 generations of sake brewing experience. Style: Herbaceous with hints of grapefruit and a light earthiness. Good acidity, mineral driven, well-balanced with a clean, medium finish.

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