Freixenet Ice Rosé Cava Wine

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Introducing Freixenet Ice Rosé Cava, a luxurious and innovative sparkling wine designed to be enjoyed over ice, creating a refreshing and indulgent experience. Crafted by the esteemed Freixenet winery, this Rosé Cava pushes the boundaries of tradition, inviting you to savor its vibrant flavors in a chic and stylish way.

In the glass, the Ice Rosé Cava showcases a beautiful, pale pink hue, capturing the essence of its lively and effervescent nature. The nose is greeted with a delightful bouquet of red berries, strawberries, and floral undertones, creating an aromatic experience that sets the stage for the refreshing and indulgent palate that follows.

Upon the first sip, the Cava enchants the palate with lively bubbles and a harmonious blend of flavors. Ripe red berries, succulent strawberries, and a hint of citrus create a bright and well-balanced profile that is both invigorating and decadent. The experience is elevated when served over ice, allowing the wine to adapt to the cooling sensation while maintaining its vibrant character.

Versatile and contemporary, Freixenet Ice Rosé is perfect for moments of celebration and relaxation alike. Enjoy it as a standalone aperitif or paired with light appetizers, seafood, or fruity desserts. The innovative serving style over ice adds a layer of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for outdoor gatherings or stylish occasions.

Presented in a sleek and modern bottle, Freixenet Ice Rosé is a testament to Freixenet's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional winemaking. Elevate your sparkling wine experience with this unique and refreshing Rosé Cava – where innovation meets the vivacity of bubbles. Cheers to the indulgent enjoyment captured in every bottle.



Tasting Notes

Freixenet Ice Rosé Cava is a vision of elegance with its pale pink hue, enticing the eye and setting the stage for a luxurious tasting experience. The delicate color reflects the wine's lively and effervescent nature.

The aromatic bouquet is a delightful medley of red berries, strawberries, and subtle floral undertones. The nose is inviting, promising a refreshing and indulgent palate that captures the essence of a summery day.

Upon the first sip, the Cava enchants the palate with lively bubbles and a harmonious blend of flavors. Ripe red berries and succulent strawberries take center stage, creating a bright and well-balanced profile that is both invigorating and decadent. The experience is heightened when served over ice, adding a refreshing element to the overall sensation.

The finish is clean, invigorating, and leaves a lasting impression of indulgence. Freixenet Ice Rosé Cava showcases its adaptability to the ice, maintaining its vibrant character and providing a unique and refreshing conclusion.

Distillery Information

Cordon Negro Brut is a crisp, clean and well-balanced 'cava' sparkling wine. The fresh palate of apple, ripe pear and bright citrus flavors combine with a long finish and an exciting touch of ginger. Pair Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut with anything from Eggs Benedict to seafood, such as lobster or bluefin tuna.
Freixenet (Catalan pronunciation: [fɾəʃəˈnɛt]) is a Spanish producer of cava and other sparkling and still wines, founded in 1914 in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, in the province of Barcelona. It is the largest producer of traditional method sparkling wine worldwide, and the largest exporter of Cava.
Nicknamed "Black Bottle Bubbly," Freixenet Cordon Brut Cava is one of the top imported sparkling wines in the world. This dry, crisp and well-balanced sparkling wine offers a fresh mix of ripe pear, apple and citrus flavors with a touch of ginger.
Freixenet wines are made exclusively using the traditional method (the same method as Champagne), in which the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. This double fermentation ensures the highest quality wines, with more layers of complexity and finer bubbles.
About 95% of all cava is produced in the Penedès area in Catalonia, Spain, with the village of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia being home to many of the largest Catalan production houses. The two major producers are Codorníu and Freixenet.