Fetzer Riesling Wine

Fetzer Riesling Wine

Fetzer Riesling Wine

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Discover the crisp and refreshing allure of Fetzer Riesling Wine – a delightful expression of the renowned Riesling varietal. Crafted with care and precision, this wine captures the essence of bright fruit flavors and vibrant aromas that define the beauty of California winemaking.

Sourced from premium vineyards, the Riesling grapes chosen for Fetzer Wine are cultivated to perfection, ensuring optimal ripeness and flavor. Pouring into the glass, this Riesling showcases a pale straw color, hinting at the freshness within. The aroma is a symphony of citrus blossoms, ripe peaches, and a touch of floral notes, creating an inviting sensory experience.

On the palate, indulge in the lively dance of flavors. Crisp green apple, juicy pear, and hints of tropical fruit mingle, creating a well-balanced and approachable wine. The natural acidity adds a refreshing quality, making Fetzer Riesling an excellent choice for those who appreciate a bright and lively white wine.

Versatile and food-friendly, Fetzer Riesling complements a range of dishes. From spicy Thai cuisine to grilled seafood or a simple cheese platter, this wine enhances the dining experience with its vibrant and fruit-forward profile.

Celebrate the everyday with Fetzer Riesling – a wine that embodies the spirit of California's sun-soaked vineyards. Perfect for warm days, casual gatherings, or simply as a go-to white wine, Fetzer Riesling promises a delightful and accessible journey into the world of California winemaking.

The first sip introduces a burst of crispness and a lively array of flavors. Green apple notes take center stage, complemented by the juiciness of ripe pear and subtle hints of tropical fruit. The natural acidity provides a refreshing quality, balancing the sweetness and creating a harmonious and approachable profile.

Fetzer Riesling is not only a showcase of bright fruit flavors but also a testament to the art of balance. The wine's versatility shines, making it an excellent companion to a variety of dishes. Whether paired with spicy Thai cuisine, grilled seafood, or enjoyed on its own, Fetzer Riesling elevates the dining experience with its vibrant and fruit-forward charm.

In 1968 Barney decided to try out making his own wines and converted a barn into a winery with a successful batch of commercial wine consisting of 2500 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.
Fetzer Vineyards has been a powerful force in Mendocino County, and in the larger California wine industry, since Barney Fetzer founded it in 1968. With his 10 children, Barney Fetzer found success in the 1970s and 1980s selling large volumes of affordable wines.In the mouth, crisp green apple, honeyed apricot and peach flavors meld with the traditional spicy flavors of Gewürztraminer. This medium-bodied wines off-dry style strikes the perfect balance between its sweetness and bright, crisp acidity.
In 2015, Riesling was the most grown variety in Germany with 23.0% and 23,596 hectares (58,310 acres), and in the French region of Alsace with 21.9% and 3,350 hectares (8,300 acres). In Germany, the variety is particularly widely planted in the Mosel, Rheingau, Nahe and Pfalz wine regions.The palate is very sweet, even treacly, with honeysuckle nectar, sugared apples and candied orange flavors. There's just enough acidity to somewhat balance the sugars.

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