Fernet-Branca Liqueurs

Fernet-Branca Liqueurs

Fernet-Branca Liqueurs

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Step into the world of bold and invigorating flavors with Fernet-Branca Liqueur – a renowned and timeless spirit that captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Distinctive and complex, this herbal liqueur has been a symbol of sophistication and tradition for over a century.

Crafted with a secret blend of 27 botanicals, Fernet-Branca unfolds a tapestry of flavors that dance on the palate. The aromatic journey begins with a symphony of herbs and spices, including saffron, myrrh, chamomile, and a hint of mint. As you take your first sip, experience the bold and robust character that defines Fernet-Branca.

The herbal complexity is beautifully balanced by a touch of sweetness and a lingering bitterness, creating a harmonious and unforgettable tasting experience. Served neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in classic cocktails, Fernet-Branca is a versatile liqueur that adds depth and character to any libation.

Embrace the ritual of savoring Fernet-Branca as an after-dinner digestif or as a sophisticated addition to mixology creations. Whether you're a seasoned spirits enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of herbal liqueurs, Fernet-Branca invites you to elevate your palate and indulge in the rich history and bold flavors that have made it an iconic choice among connoisseurs worldwide. Cheers to the distinctive allure of Fernet-Branca – a true testament to the art of Italian liqueur craftsmanship.

Embark on a captivating journey of flavor with Fernet-Branca Liqueur, an iconic spirit renowned for its complex and bold character. As you raise the glass, a symphony of aromatic herbs fills the air, with notes of saffron, myrrh, and chamomile weaving together in a harmonious dance.

The first sip is an exploration of depth and richness, as the herbal complexity unfolds on the palate. Robust and invigorating, Fernet-Branca introduces a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication. The hint of mint adds a refreshing quality, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Whether enjoyed neat for a true expression of its character, on the rocks for a leisurely sip, or as a distinguished addition to cocktails, Fernet-Branca offers a versatile indulgence. Its lingering finish, marked by a delightful bitterness, invites you to savor the craftsmanship and tradition that have made this liqueur a timeless classic.

The Fernet Branca distillery takes of an entire city block in Milan. Before taking in Branca's present, some of us paid our respects to Branca's past by visiting the Cimitero Monumentale.Fernet-Branca is a popular brand of amaro produced in Milan, Italy. It is a bitter, aromatic spirit made from over 40 herbs and spices, including myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and saffron, with a base of grape distilled spirits, and colored with caramel coloring.
The Fernet-Branca recipe is a special journey through the 27 herbs, roots and spices of its special secret and one of a kind formula. Every single herb represents a distinct universe, experience and discovery.
As far as it can be traced back, Fernet-Branca was created in 1845 in Milan, Italy by Bernardino Branca at Fratelli Branca Distillerie. The origin of the actual amaro category or even the exact recipe for Branca remains unknown.

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