Estancia Merlot Wine

Estancia Merlot Wine

Estancia Merlot Wine

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Introducing Estancia Merlot, a captivating red wine that embodies the lush and velvety character of California's finest vineyards. Crafted with precision and passion, this wine is a true celebration of the Merlot grape, offering a smooth and approachable experience for the discerning palate.

Sourced from renowned vineyards in California, Estancia Merlot showcases the region's terroir with its deep, ruby-red color that shimmers in the glass. From the very first pour, the wine invites you into a world of elegance and richness.

As you bring the glass to your nose, the wine releases a delightful bouquet of red berries, plum, and a subtle hint of mocha. This aromatic symphony sets the stage for the wine's approachable and fruit-forward flavor profile. Ripe cherry and blackberry notes dance on the palate, complemented by a touch of vanilla and a hint of spice, creating a harmonious and well-rounded experience.

Estancia Merlot is a versatile companion for a variety of occasions. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with dishes like roasted poultry, grilled vegetables, or soft cheeses, this wine showcases the artistry of winemaking and the unique character of California's vineyards.

With a label adorned by the iconic key, symbolizing the unlocking of flavor and the essence of the land, Estancia Merlot invites you to savor a sensory journey that captures the spirit of the sun-soaked terroir. Elevate your wine experience with Estancia – where every bottle tells a story of craftsmanship, tradition, and the art of winemaking.

Estancia Merlot reveals a luscious and inviting deep ruby-red hue in the glass, signaling the wine's vibrancy and richness.

Upon nosing, the wine presents an enchanting bouquet of red berries, predominantly cherry, intertwined with the subtle allure of plum. A delicate undercurrent of mocha adds a touch of sophistication, creating an aromatic experience that invites anticipation.

The first sip unfolds a symphony of flavors, showcasing the fruit-forward nature of Merlot. Ripe cherry and blackberry take center stage, offering a juicy and approachable palate. A subtle hint of vanilla contributes to the wine's smooth texture, while a gentle spiciness adds complexity, creating a well-rounded and harmonious tasting experience.

Estancia Merlot leaves a lasting impression with a velvety finish. The wine's fruitiness persists, accompanied by a touch of mocha that lingers on the palate. The finish is satisfyingly smooth, inviting another sip and making this Merlot a delightful choice for savoring on its own or pairing with a range of dishes.

Founded in 1986, Estancia has built a portfolio of award-winning wines. From our Pinot Noir to Pinot Grigio, we are proud to deliver high quality wines to consumers for over 30 years.
Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon opens to aromas of dark cherry, chocolate and mocha. The cherry lingers into the flavor along with the chocolate with the addition of some spicy, peppery notes followed by sweet oak. The rich finish of this wine is best paired with aged hard cheeses and red-sauce pastas.
In 1986, Agustin Huneeus, then of Franciscan Estates, acquired the former Paul Mason vineyards near Soledid and established Estancia Winery. The brand is now part of Constellation. The winery specializes in Monterey County Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Cabernet sauvignon is the most popular red wine in the world. Though it originated in France, cabernet is now produced in virtually every major winemaking region on the globe, from Chile to California, Washington State, and western Australia.Each 750 mL wine bottle contains about 5 glasses of wine with 13.5% alcohol by volume. Founded in 1986, Estancia has built a portfolio of award-winning wines. Estancia wines are made with grapes sourced from vineyards across California with distinct defining qualities that shine through in the wines.Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine. It tops the list of robust red varietals, carrying some of the lushest, thickest sips that will coat most of the mouth and linger. Many describe cabernet sauvignon's body as unctuous, gravelly, rich and deep. The region the grapes grow in will also impact the wine's body.

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