Esperanto Anejo Tequila

Esperanto Anejo Tequila

Esperanto Anejo Tequila

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Embark on a journey of exceptional taste with Esperanto Anejo Tequila, a distinguished expression crafted with precision and dedication. Originating from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, this anejo tequila represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, showcasing the richness and complexity that come from careful aging in oak barrels.

Esperanto Anejo begins its extraordinary journey with hand-selected Blue Weber agave, harvested at the peak of maturity. The hearts of these agave plants, or piñas, undergo slow roasting in traditional brick ovens, extracting the sweet and robust flavors that define the essence of premium tequila.

The patiently distilled tequila is then carefully aged in charred oak barrels, allowing time and craftsmanship to work their magic. The result is a deep and refined spirit with a rich amber hue, a testament to its extended maturation process.

On the nose, Esperanto Anejo Tequila captivates with a symphony of aromas. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak intertwine, creating a complex and inviting bouquet that hints at the luxurious taste experience to come.

Upon the first sip, the palate is treated to a velvety smoothness that unfolds into a harmonious blend of flavors. Vanilla and caramel dance with the sweet agave essence, while subtle hints of spice and oak add layers of depth. The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, leaving a warm and lingering impression that beckons for another sip.

Esperanto Anejo Tequila is a true connoisseur's choice, perfect for sipping and savoring on its own or as the foundation for premium cocktails. Elevate your tequila moments with the sophistication and complexity of Esperanto Anejo—a testament to the artistry and tradition of Mexico's tequila heritage.

Esperanto Anejo Tequila presents itself in the glass with a rich and inviting amber hue, a visual testament to its extended aging process in charred oak barrels.

The aroma is a captivating symphony of vanilla, caramel, and oak. These notes intertwine to create a complex and inviting bouquet, providing a sensory preview of the luxurious taste experience that awaits.

Upon the first sip, Esperanto Anejo Tequila envelops the palate with a velvety smoothness. The flavors unfold in a harmonious blend of sweet agave, vanilla, and caramel. Subtle hints of spice and oak add layers of depth, contributing to a sophisticated and well-balanced taste profile.

The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, leaving a warm and lingering impression on the palate. As the flavors gradually fade, there is a subtle interplay between the sweetness and the oak, creating a nuanced and enjoyable conclusion to each sip.

Esperanto Añejo Tequila is aged for 3 years in new oak barrels which gives it a bight amber color. It is distilled at the famous El Llano distillery which dates back to the 1900's and is of the oldest distilleries in the region that still produces tequila.
Tequila Esperanto The Spanish word, “Esperanto” translates to “one who hopes.” Esperanto Seleccion Extra Añejo is distilled at El Llano, one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico.
Like other types of tequila, añejos are produced in Mexico's highland and lowland regions. The richer soil of the highlands can make this region's agaves sweeter, making for fruitier tequilas. And lowland tequilas taste earthier because of the area's water.
Most Tequilas come from the state of Jalisco, where the actual town of Tequila, Mexico resides. For starters, in order for a spirit to be called “Tequila” it MUST come from one of five authorized states in Mexico: Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, or Tamaulipas.Add to Wish List. Starting at $105.99. A 100% Agave Añejo Tequila produced in the Valley region of Jalisco. This is a signature tequila that features a round and balanced flavor, intense notes of fruit, and herbal aromas resulting from its aging 18 to 24 months in fine American oak.
Of the nearly 140 tequila distilleries in Mexico, hers is the only one that's led and operated solely by women. Melly Barajas walks through a field of blue agave plants in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico.

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