Educated Guess Pinot Noir Wine

Educated Guess Pinot Noir Wine

Educated Guess Pinot Noir Wine

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Introducing Educated Guess Pinot Noir – a captivating expression of this delicate varietal that brings together elegance, finesse, and a nuanced complexity. Crafted with meticulous care and sourced from prime vineyards, this Pinot Noir embodies the art of winemaking, promising a sensory journey that is as enlightening as it is delightful.

Winemaking Process: Our winemakers take great care in selecting premium Pinot Noir grapes from renowned vineyards. The gentle handling of the fruit, combined with small-batch fermentation, ensures the preservation of delicate flavors. The wine is aged in French oak barrels, imparting a subtle oak influence that complements the varietal's natural characteristics while maintaining its inherent grace and finesse.

Pairing Suggestions: Educated Guess Pinot Noir is a versatile companion to a range of culinary experiences. Its vibrant acidity and nuanced flavors make it an excellent match for roasted poultry, grilled salmon, or a classic mushroom risotto. Alternatively, savor it on its own to appreciate the true essence of this refined varietal.

Packaging: Presented in a sleek bottle adorned with a label that reflects the thoughtful craftsmanship within, Educated Guess Pinot Noir is a visual testament to the art and dedication infused into each bottle. Elevate your wine collection or gift the pleasure of discovery to the wine enthusiast in your life with this exquisite Pinot Noir.

Indulge in the allure of Educated Guess Pinot Noir – a wine that transcends expectation, delivering an experience that marries elegance with substance. Whether shared with friends or savored in solitude, each glass promises a journey of discovery and appreciation for the delicate beauty of Pinot Noir. Cheers to the art of the educated guess.

In the glass, Educated Guess Pinot Noir reveals a translucent ruby red hue, inviting and luminous. The clarity of the color hints at the wine's purity and delicacy, setting the stage for a nuanced tasting experience.

A bouquet of red fruits unfolds with finesse as the wine is swirled. Ripe cherry and raspberry take center stage, offering a vibrant and inviting aroma. Subtle undertones of clove and a hint of earthiness emerge, adding complexity and intrigue to the olfactory experience.

The first sip introduces a graceful and silky texture that defines the essence of Pinot Noir. Bright and lively flavors of cherry and raspberry dance on the palate, creating an immediate sense of freshness. The wine's acidity is well-balanced, contributing to a seamless and elegant mouthfeel that is both refined and approachable.

Flavor Profile:
Educated Guess Pinot Noir showcases a refined flavor profile with subtle hints of clove and a gentle earthiness. These nuances complement the vibrant red fruit, providing depth without overwhelming the delicate nature of the varietal. The interplay of flavors creates a harmonious and sophisticated palate.

The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a trail of red fruit sweetness and a subtle, aromatic spiciness. Educated Guess Pinot Noir's graceful exit is a testament to its craftsmanship, inviting contemplation and encouraging another sip to relish the complexity that lingers on the palate.

Educated Guess's quality equals its value– sourced from some of Napa's best vineyards (think Beckstoffer Georges III, Bettinelli, and Laird Money Road), using only the best grapes.
Pinot noir is grown around the world, mostly in cooler climates, and the variety is chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France. Pinot noir is now used to make red wines around the world, as well as champagne, sparkling white wines such as the Italian Franciacorta, and English sparkling wines.
Typically, Pinot Noir is dry, light- to medium-bodied, with bright acidity, silky tannins and alcohol that ranges between 12–15%. The best Pinot Noir taste has complex flavors that include cherry, raspberry, mushroom and forest floor, plus vanilla and baking spice when aged in French oak.Roots Run Deep Winery was founded by vintner Mark Albrecht and is the parent company to his various brands including his largest production wine, Educated Guess.
a guess that is made using judgment and a particular level of knowledge and is therefore more likely to be correct. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.
Pinot Noir means "black pine cone" in French, named for its dark color and compact, conical shape. It isn't known whether Pinot Noir was imported into France or developed in situ from the wild vinifera grapes that grew in Europe before Roman settlement, but it's agreed that Pinot is among the oldest of French grapes.
Pinot Noir is essentially produced using the red winemaking process of fermentation and barreling (yes, it is almost always oaked - ideally in French Oak barrels). It may surprise some readers to discover that Pinot Noir is one of the three grapes used in making Champagne.

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