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Introducing Dos Primos Blanco Tequila – a true expression of Mexican craftsmanship and the spirit of camaraderie. Carefully distilled from 100% blue agave, this exceptional tequila captures the essence of the agave plant in its purest form, unaged and vibrant.

Dos Primos Blanco Tequila is a celebration of tradition and innovation. The agave plants, meticulously grown in the heart of Jalisco, are harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring a robust and authentic flavor profile. The pinas are then expertly roasted and crushed, releasing the sweet nectar that becomes the foundation of this exquisite spirit.

On the palate, Dos Primos Blanco Tequila unfolds with crisp and bright notes. The initial taste is a dance of agave sweetness, complemented by a subtle citrus zest and a hint of black pepper. The smoothness of each sip showcases the artistry of the master distillers, providing a well-balanced and approachable tequila experience.

The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a lasting impression of the agave's purity. Dos Primos Blanco Tequila is the perfect foundation for classic cocktails or enjoyed neat, allowing the true character of the spirit to shine.

Elevate your tequila moments with Dos Primos Blanco – a testament to the vibrant culture, friendship, and the authentic flavors of Mexico. Share the joy of camaraderie with each sip of Dos Primos Blanco Tequila – where tradition meets the modern spirit of the agave.



Tasting Notes

Crystal clear with brilliant reflections, showcasing the pure and unaged nature of this exceptional tequila.

Dos Primos Blanco Tequila invites with a lively and aromatic bouquet. Fresh and vibrant agave notes take center stage, accompanied by a subtle hint of citrus zest that adds a refreshing brightness. Delicate herbal undertones contribute to the complexity, creating an inviting aroma.

The palate is a celebration of agave sweetness, offering a crisp and clean foundation. Dos Primos Blanco Tequila reveals a harmony of flavors, with the natural sweetness of the blue agave taking the lead. A touch of black pepper adds a subtle kick, while hints of earthiness and herbal nuances round out the profile. The tequila's smooth texture enhances the overall drinking experience.

The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a pleasant warmth and a reminder of the tequila's authentic character. Dos Primos Blanco Tequila concludes with a clean and refreshing aftertaste, making it an ideal choice for sipping or as the base for your favorite cocktails.

Distillery Information

Dos Primos is distilled at Destiladora Gonzalez Lux, located just outside the city of Arandas, Mexico, in the highlands of Jalisco. Rodolfo Gonzalez, a third-generation master distiller at Destiladora Gonzalez Lux, worked with the two cousins to create Dos Primos Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.Spanish for “Two Cousins,” Dos Primos was dreamed up by cousins Jeff Worn and Thomas Rhett, who wanted to create a tequila that blended Mexican tradition with southern sensibility. This opens in a new window.Spanish for “Two Cousins”, Dos Primos is the product of families coming together to create a superior tequila. It's infused with the bonds of loyalty and the comforts of home. Founders Thomas Rhett and Jeff Worn bring a southern sensibility – a deep respect for nature, hospitality and living life a little slower.
Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. The drink is typically composed of 40% – 60% alcohol by volume (80 – 120 proof) and is made in Mexico. Tequila is made from the heart of the agave plant, which is called the piña.Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the Weber blue agave plant that grows in Mexico. The blue agave plant has huge spikes that come up from a central core that is called the pina. After the leaves are removed, the pina is the part of the plant that is used to make tequila.