Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum

Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum

Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum

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Introducing Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum – an exquisite blend that marries the rich traditions of Caribbean and Spanish craftsmanship to deliver a truly unique and exceptional rum experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this premium spirit is the result of a double aging process that sets it apart from the rest.

The journey begins in the Caribbean, where a carefully selected blend of aged rums, each aged for a minimum of 5 years in American oak barrels, lays the foundation for Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum. This initial maturation imparts a depth of flavor and character that forms the backbone of this exceptional spirit.

But Dos Maderas doesn't stop there. The rum is then transported to the heart of Spain, where it undergoes a second aging process in casks that previously held Dos Cortados Palo Cortado Sherry for three additional years. This innovative and unique dual aging method imparts a harmonious fusion of tropical warmth and European sophistication to the final product.

The resulting rum is a symphony of flavors, boasting notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak from its Caribbean origins, complemented by the nuanced influence of the sherry casks – offering hints of dried fruits, nuts, and a subtle spiciness. The amber hue and velvety texture further enhance the overall drinking experience.

Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum is not just a spirit; it's an embodiment of craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for your favorite cocktails, this exceptional rum is sure to elevate any occasion. Elevate your senses with Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum – where Caribbean and Spanish heritage converge in a bottle of unparalleled excellence.

Rich amber with golden highlights, reminiscent of a sun-kissed Caribbean sunset.

The initial aroma is a captivating blend of sweet vanilla and toffee, leading into warm notes of oak and a subtle hint of tropical fruit. As you delve deeper, the influence of the sherry casks becomes apparent, introducing delicate nuances of dried figs and a touch of nuttiness.

Dos Maderas 5+3 Rum offers a velvety and full-bodied palate that unfolds in layers. The Caribbean influence is evident with a delightful combination of caramel and honey sweetness, interwoven with the lingering warmth of oak. Mid-palate, the sherry influence takes center stage, introducing complex flavors of raisins, almonds, and a touch of baking spices, providing a harmonious balance.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate complemented by a subtle dryness from the sherry casks. The oak undertones persist, offering a gentle reminder of the rum's journey through both the Caribbean and Spain. A touch of spiciness adds complexity, inviting you to savor the memory of each sip.

The maturation process for this Caribbean rum begins in Barbados and Guyana, within oak casks of American oak. After five years, the rum is sent to Jerez de la Frontera where it is transferred to casks previously used to age 20 year sherry "Dos Cortados" and finished for an additional three years.
Dos Maderas, meaning "Two Woods", is a combination of Guyanese and Bajon rums aged in New American Oak barrels in their respective production countries. After five years, the rums journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Jerez, where they are blended together.
After five to six days in fermentation, the resulting “wash” is transferred to our 500-gal pot still, where the liquid is heated to separate the alcohols. The still converts the alcohols to vapor form and then returns it to liquid through a condenser.Notes of dark amber with hints of fig and raisin. The palate is balanced with ripe fruit, tropical spice, smoky oak, and hints of sherry and a tobacco finish.
Rums originated in the West Indies and are first mentioned in records from Barbados in about 1650. They were called “kill-devil” or “rumbullion” and by 1667 were simply called rum.

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