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Embark on a journey into the heart of the Philippines with Don Papa Small Batch Rum, a distinctive spirit that pays homage to the rich history and vibrant culture of Negros Island. Crafted with precision and passion, this small-batch rum captures the essence of the land and its sugarcane heritage. Immerse yourself in the warmth of the tropics and the complexity of flavors that define Don Papa Rum.

Aging Process: This small-batch rum undergoes aging in re-charred American oak barrels, allowing the spirit to absorb the rich flavors of the wood. The result is a well-balanced rum with layers of complexity that unfold with every sip.

Sipping Experience: Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Don Papa Rum invites you to savor the warmth of the tropics in each sip. The velvety smoothness and intricate flavors make it a rum worthy of contemplation, revealing the craftsmanship and dedication put into every bottle.

Versatility: While exquisite on its own, Don Papa Small Batch Rum also lends itself to a variety of cocktails. From classic rum cocktails to innovative mixes, this versatile spirit adds a touch of tropical sophistication to any libation.

Presentation: Housed in an elegant bottle adorned with the image of Papa Isio, a key figure in Philippine history, Don Papa Rum is a visual and tactile delight. The packaging reflects the attention to detail and the pride in presenting a premium small-batch rum.

Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of the Philippines with Don Papa Small Batch Rum – a spirit that captures the essence of Negros Island's sugarcane legacy. Elevate your moments with the warmth of the tropics and the refined complexity found in every sip. Cheers to the artistry of Don Papa.



Tasting Notes

Don Papa Small Batch Rum graces the glass with a captivating deep amber hue, offering a visual invitation to the richness within.

The aroma is a symphony of tropical delights. Ripe fruits take center stage, accompanied by the sweet embrace of vanilla. A subtle hint of spice dances in the background, promising a nuanced and intriguing tasting experience.

Upon the first sip, the lush sweetness of sugarcane unfolds on the palate, creating a luxurious and indulgent sensation. Notes of honey and candied fruits add layers of complexity, while a gentle warmth emerges, reminiscent of the tropical sun. The velvety smoothness is a testament to the craftsmanship of this small-batch rum.

The finish is a harmonious blend of flavors, lingering with a tropical elegance. The warmth persists, leaving behind a delightful trace of the sugarcane heritage. Each sip is a journey into the heart of the Philippines, celebrating the artistry and dedication embodied in Don Papa Small Batch Rum.

Distillery Information

The distillery is located in the provincial capital of Negros Occidental, known locally as Sugarlandia. The rum distillation is brought down to 65 degrees using fresh spring water and then aged in ex-American Bourbon oak barrels for 7 years. The barrels are unique to Don Papa.
Distilled and aged in American oak barrels on the island of Negros Occidental (known locally as 'Sugarlandia'), the pure, original Negros sugar cane is the foundation for Don Papa Rum's long, rich-textured finish and flavours of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits.A premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, Don Papa is crafted on the fertile foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon - where the finest blades of sugarcane are expertly milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.
Made with molasses from sugar cane grown on the Philippine Negros Island using a column still and aged 7 years in ex-bourbon barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon. Don Papa Rum is named after a hero of the Philippine revolution, Dionisio Magbuelas, better known in the Philippines as 'Papa Isio'.
Crafted from Noble Cane, the original strain in south east asia, Don Papa rum uses the Spanish style of rum making, aging it in bourbon and rioja casks in the tropical philippine heat to create a rich, smooth, superior liquid. Don Papa Rum is characterized by its versatility.
The story of Don Papa is well-known by now—how British-born Stephen Carroll founded a premium rum brand in 2012 at the heart of sugarlandia, Negros Island, and grew it into a fine spirits company enjoyed not just in the Philippines but the world over.