Del Maguey Single Village Puebla Mezcal Tequila

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of mezcal tradition with Del Maguey Single Village Puebla Mezcal Tequila. Handcrafted in the mountainous region of Puebla, Mexico, this artisanal spirit encapsulates the essence of its terroir and the expertise of its mezcaleros.

At the heart of Del Maguey Puebla Mezcal is the rare and revered Tobaziche agave, hand-selected for its exceptional quality and complexity. These wild agaves are harvested at peak maturity and roasted in earthen pit ovens over hot volcanic rocks, imparting a distinctive smoky flavor to the mezcal. Following fermentation with wild yeasts and double distillation in copper pot stills, the mezcal is bottled at its peak, capturing the true spirit of Puebla.

Upon pouring, the mezcal reveals a golden hue, reminiscent of the sun-drenched landscapes of Puebla. The aroma captivates with notes of roasted agave, tropical fruits, and a hint of wildflowers. On the palate, expect a harmonious interplay of flavors, from the sweetness of cooked agave to the subtle smokiness and a touch of herbal spice.

Del Maguey Single Village Puebla Mezcal Tequila is best enjoyed neat, allowing you to savor its full spectrum of flavors and aromas. Alternatively, use it to craft mezcal-forward cocktails that celebrate its unique character and depth.

Whether savored on its own or mixed into cocktails, Del Maguey Single Village Puebla Mezcal Tequila offers a taste of authentic mezcal craftsmanship. Elevate your drinking experience and celebrate the spirit of Puebla with every sip. Cheers to the artistry and heritage of mezcal.

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