Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila

Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila

Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila

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Indulge in the rich and smoky flavors of Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila, a premium spirit crafted with centuries-old tradition and expertise. Made from the heart of the agave plant, this artisanal mezcal offers a journey into the rugged landscapes and cultural heritage of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila is meticulously crafted using traditional methods, including hand-harvesting the agave plants and roasting them in earthen pit ovens, imparting a distinctive smoky character to the spirit. Each batch is distilled with care by master mezcaleros, ensuring a smooth and complex taste that captivates the palate.

With its golden hue and robust aroma, Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila invites exploration. On the palate, it delivers a bold and earthy flavor profile, with notes of roasted agave, charred wood, and hints of pepper and spice. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering warmth that lingers on the tongue.

Sip this mezcal neat to savor its full-bodied flavors or use it to craft adventurous cocktails that showcase its unique character. From classic mezcal cocktails like the Margarita and Paloma to innovative concoctions, Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila adds depth and complexity to any drink.

Elevate your mezcal experience with Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila. With its authentic flavors and artisanal craftsmanship, it's the perfect choice for mezcal enthusiasts and adventurous spirits alike. Cheers to the rich heritage and bold flavors of Oaxacan mezcal.

Rich golden hue, reminiscent of amber honey, captivating with its warm and inviting color.

The aroma is a captivating blend of smoky agave, charred wood, and hints of earthiness. It entices the senses with its complex and aromatic bouquet, evoking images of Oaxacan mezcaleros tending to earthen pit ovens.

On the palate, Del Maguey Mezcal Las Milpas Mezcal Tequila offers a bold and robust flavor profile. The taste of roasted agave takes center stage, accompanied by notes of caramelized sugar, charred wood, and subtle hints of pepper and spice. It delivers a full-bodied experience that is both smooth and complex.

The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of smoke and spice that tantalize the palate. It leaves a warm and comforting sensation that invites another sip, prolonging the pleasure of this exceptional mezcal.

Del Maguey Las Milpas is produced by Anastacio Cruz Antonio and his sons Rigoberto, Abel and Pedro in the remote village of Las Milpas. The village is located high above San Dionisio Ocotopec in Oaxaca. The palenque is nestled among the cornfields and overlooks rolling pastures.
Each of Del Maguey's single-village mezcals is made by individual family producers in remote villages in Oaxaca and Pueblo using 400-year-old Zapotec methods.
The distinctive, vibrantly coloured artworks that adorns Del Maguey labels are by Kenneth Price (16/Feb/1935 – 24/Feb/12), an artist famous for his abstract fired clay shapes intricately painted with multiple layers brightly coloured paints.
Introduced in 2010, Del Maguey's mezcal 'Vida' is a single-village, organic mezcal made from EspadΓ­n agaves. Agave comes from the village of San Luis del Rio in Oaxaca; they're roasted for 3-8 days, followed by an 8-10 day wild fermentation. Distilled twice in wood-fired copper stills.
Ron Cooper founded Del Maguey in 1995, at least a decade before the beginning of the Mezcal Renaissance we are living in now.

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