Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin 700ML
Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin 700ML

Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin 700ML

Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin 700ML

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Introducing Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin – a rock-infused libation that pays homage to the legendary band's iconic album "Hysteria." Unleash your wild side and let the spirit of rock 'n' roll flow through every sip of this meticulously crafted gin, designed to elevate your drinking experience to a new level of intensity.

This 700ML bottle of Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin captures the essence of the band's electrifying energy, blending a symphony of botanicals with a hint of rebellious attitude. Distilled with precision, this gin embodies the spirit of the roaring '80s, bringing forth a harmonious balance of juniper, citrus, and exotic botanicals that dance on your palate like a power chord riff.

The distinctive label, inspired by Def Leppard's unmistakable album artwork, serves as a visual testament to the bold and dynamic character within. The bottle exudes rock elegance, making it a collector's item for any devoted fan or a stylish addition to your home bar.

Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin is not just a beverage; it's an experience that transports you to the roaring heyday of rock. Perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in your favorite cocktails, this gin is versatile enough to complement any occasion. Unleash the wild spirit within and let the Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin be the soundtrack to your next unforgettable moment. Get ready to pour a glass, turn up the volume, and embrace the rock 'n' roll lifestyle with every drop. Cheers to the Def Leppard legacy.

Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin presents itself with a crystal-clear, luminous quality, enticing the eye with a brilliance reminiscent of the band's electrifying stage presence. As you pour, observe the liquid gracefully clinging to the glass, creating long, slow legs that foretell the smooth experience to come.

The first encounter with this rock-infused elixir reveals a captivating symphony of botanicals. Juniper takes center stage, a bold and assertive lead, followed by lively citrus notes that dance in the air. Delicate whispers of exotic spices weave through the aromatic composition, offering a tantalizing preview of the complexity awaiting your palate.

Upon the first sip, Def Leppard Animal London Dry Gin unleashes a powerful wave of juniper, harmoniously joined by zesty citrus undertones. The gin's character evolves, revealing an intricate fusion of botanicals that play together like a finely tuned guitar solo. A subtle warmth caresses the tongue, adding depth to the experience without overshadowing the gin's refined smoothness.

The finish is a crescendo of flavor, leaving a lingering echo of juniper and a touch of spice that fades away with rockstar finesse. The aftertaste is clean and refreshing, inviting you to take another sip and experience the complexity anew.

All London Dry gins are distilled gins, but not all distilled gins are London Drys. Both are the product of double distilling, but that is where the similarities end. The process for London Dry involves the maceration of natural botanicals in a 96% ABV neutral spirit from agricultural origin (usually grain based).
Gin is made using a clear, neutral spirit made from distilling grains such as rye, barley, wheat, or corn. While another common clear liquor—vodka—can be made with similar grains, gin and vodka are definitely not the same.The signature flavours of London Dry Gin come from the botanicals that are used in its production. Juniper berries are often accompanied by other herbs such as coriander, cardamom, orris root, angelica root, nutmeg, orange peel, cinnamon bark, and more.Distilled gin is made by redistilling white grain spirit and raw cane sugar which has been flavoured with juniper berries. Compound gin is made by flavouring neutral grain spirit with juniper berries without redistilling and can be considered a flavoured vodka.A London dry gin is defined as that which is infused with botanicals through re-distillation only. In order to be a London Dry Gin, no artificial ingredients, colours or flavours are permitted. And perhaps most importantly, no natural colours or flavours may be added after the distillation process.The key difference between regular gin and London dry gin is that while regular gins are often sweetened after distillation (with sugar or syrup), London dry gins are not sweetened at all—a feature that gives them a less syrupy taste and more of an herbal bite.

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