Craigellachie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Bas-Armagnac Barrels 13 Year 92

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled sophistication with Craigellachie Single Malt Scotch Whisky, uniquely aged in Bas-Armagnac Barrels for 13 years. This extraordinary expression marries the robust character of Craigellachie with the nuanced influence of Armagnac barrels, resulting in a whisky that is both bold and refined.

Intricately presented in a distinguished bottle, the liquid radiates a rich amber hue, a testament to the extended maturation in these exceptional barrels. The aroma is a symphony of complexity, with hints of dried fruits, honey, and a subtle undercurrent of oak, setting the stage for an extraordinary tasting experience.

On the palate, the marriage of Craigellachie's signature robustness with the refined touch of Bas-Armagnac barrels is a revelation. Notes of rich toffee, dried apricots, and a delicate spiciness dance on the tongue, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. The 13 years of maturation have imparted a velvety texture that elevates the sipping experience to a new level of indulgence.

The finish is long-lasting and luxurious, leaving a trail of spiced fruits, warm oak, and a lingering sweetness. Craigellachie Single Malt Scotch Whisky, aged in Bas-Armagnac Barrels for 13 years, is a rare and distinguished expression that speaks to the artistry of both Scottish and French craftsmanship.

Savor this exceptional whisky neat, allowing the layers of flavor to unfold, or indulge in creating sophisticated cocktails that showcase its complexity. Each sip invites you to discover the depth and finesse of a truly exceptional spirit, where tradition meets innovation in a captivating union of flavors.



Tasting Notes

This exceptional whisky, aged for 13 years in Bas-Armagnac Barrels, reveals itself in a captivating amber hue, offering a visual preview of the rich complexity that awaits.

The nose is a symphony of aromas, with dried fruits taking the lead, accompanied by notes of honey and a subtle touch of oak. The Bas-Armagnac influence adds layers of complexity, creating an enticing and sophisticated bouquet.

On the palate, the whisky unveils a harmonious fusion of Craigellachie's robust character and the refined influence of Armagnac barrels. Rich toffee notes dominate, complemented by the luscious sweetness of dried apricots. A delicate spiciness adds depth, creating a velvety texture that embodies the 13 years of maturation.

The finish is a lingering and luxurious journey. Spiced fruits dance on the palate, intermingling with the warmth of oak and a subtle sweetness that endures. The Bas-Armagnac Barrels contribute to a finale that is both sophisticated and gratifying.

Distillery Information

The Craigellachie distillery lies in Banffshire in the very heart of the Speyside region of Scotland, between Rothes and Dufftown. The distillery stands alone, perched high on the rock of Craigellachie ( from which it takes its name) overlooking the confluences of the Rivers Fiddich and Spey.
Craigellachie distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in the village of Craigellachie at the centre of the Speyside whisky producing area of Scotland.
It was named Glencraig after Hiram Walker's production director, Willie Craig. A 1975 bottling by Gordon & MacPhail was described as 'sweet and fruity… with a spicy edge and orange peel aromas'. Region Speyside. Produced at Glenburgie.
In 1930 DCL was transferred to DCL. In 1987 they merged with Arthur Bell and Sons to become United Distillers. They sold Craigellachie together with Aberfeldy, Brackla, Aultmore and the John Dewar and Sons to Bacardi in 1998.
Craigellachie, which loosely translates to “hill of rock”, is a small National Historic Site located on Highway 1, west of the city of Revelstoke, B.C. The site is important as it was here that the “last spike” for a Canadian transcontinental railway was driven in on November 7, 1885.
A 200 year-old single arch, cast iron bridge by Thomas Telford. The Craigellachie bridge spans the river Spey at the village of Craigellachie, is the oldest cast iron bridge in Scotland. The bridge was built by the famous engineer Thomas Telford between 1812 and 1814.
Putting all this together we might say that distillery character is something that originates in the distillate (which would seem to be obvious, but hold that thought) and is preserved and/or re-emerges after maturation in casks that don't overwhelm it either through over-active/overbearing wood or simply via extended ..