Courvoisier VS Cognac

Courvoisier VS Cognac

Courvoisier VS Cognac

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Introducing Courvoisier VS Cognac, a timeless expression of French craftsmanship and excellence. Crafted in the heart of the Cognac region, this Very Special blend represents the rich heritage and savoir-faire of the Courvoisier House. Renowned for its meticulous selection of grapes, distillation methods, and aging processes, Courvoisier VS is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

This distinguished Cognac, also known as Very Special, boasts a harmonious blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus, two of the most prestigious regions in Cognac production. The result is a spirit with a captivating golden hue, offering an enticing visual preview of the sensory journey that awaits.

On the nose, Courvoisier VS delights with a bouquet of orchard fruits, including ripe pear and fresh apple, complemented by subtle floral notes. The palate is an exquisite balance of youthful vibrancy and mature complexity, featuring hints of vanilla, oak, and a touch of spice. The finish is long and smooth, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and sophistication.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for classic cocktails, Courvoisier VS Cognac elevates every occasion. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a staple in the discerning drinker's collection, offering a taste of the French art de vivre with every sip.

Experience the legacy of Courvoisier, where tradition meets innovation in a glass. Courvoisier VS Cognac – a symbol of refinement and a testament to the mastery of Cognac-making that has defined this esteemed House for centuries.

Courvoisier VS Cognac presents itself with a radiant amber hue, offering a glimpse into the depth and complexity that has developed during its meticulous aging process.

The nose is greeted by a symphony of inviting aromas. Ripe pear and crisp apple dominate, creating a fruity and vibrant opening. Subtle floral notes intertwine with a hint of vanilla, providing an alluring complexity.

On the palate, Courvoisier VS showcases the finesse and balance that define its Very Special classification. The initial sip reveals a harmonious blend of youthful vitality and mature character. Orchard fruits persist, accompanied by the warmth of oak and a delicate touch of spice, creating a multifaceted and engaging flavor profile.

The finish is exceptionally smooth and enduring. As the Cognac lingers, it imparts a final embrace of warmth and sophistication. Subtle echoes of vanilla and a gentle spice add depth to the lingering impression, inviting another contemplative sip.

A cognac is a form of brandy made from white grapes. In order for it to be classified as Cognac, it must be made in the Cognac region of France. Felix Courvoisier knew that the best cognac can only be produced from Colombard, Folle Blanche or Ugni Blanc grapes.
Cognac can only be made from grapes grown in the strictly defined Cognac region of France. It must be made from the juice of at least one of three particular grapes, the most common being Ugni Blanc and the other two being Folle Blanche and Colombard.
Official recognition followed in 1983 when Courvoisier was the first cognac to be awarded the Prestige de la France. Two further shifts of ownership followed, in both the USA and Asia. And in 2014, Beam Suntory became the owners of Courvoisier, opening this House to the world as a truly global brand.
Cognac distillation is performed in a two-stage process, with a specific Charentais copper still, with its pot (or boiler), its swan's necks ans its cooler and its condensing coil. The white wine, harvested in the Controlled Appellation Area, is introduced in the pot and brought to the boiling point.
Courvoisier (French pronunciation: [kuʁvwazje]) is a brand of cognac, with production based in the town of Jarnac in the Charente region of France.

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