Cognac Augier Non-Chill Filtered Le Sauvage 81.6

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Embrace the untamed spirit of Cognac Augier Non-Chill Filtered Le Sauvage 81.6, an exceptional expression that embodies the raw beauty and intensity of nature. Crafted with uncompromising dedication to quality and tradition, this bold Cognac defies convention, offering a sensory experience that is both unfiltered and uncompromisingly authentic.

Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Cognac Augier Le Sauvage 81.6 reflects the time-honored techniques and traditions of Cognac production. Made from grapes grown in the prestigious Grande Champagne region, this Cognac is aged in French oak barrels, allowing it to develop its distinctive character and complexity over time.

Occasions: Whether enjoyed as a contemplative digestif or as the centerpiece of a refined cocktail, Cognac Augier Le Sauvage 81.6 is the perfect choice for those seeking a truly authentic Cognac experience. Share it with friends and loved ones to spark conversation and intrigue, or savor it in solitude to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of this exceptional spirit.

Packaging: Presented in a striking bottle adorned with the iconic Augier emblem, each expression of Cognac Augier Le Sauvage is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence and authenticity. Its bold design makes it a standout addition to any spirits collection and a cherished gift for those with a taste for adventure.

Experience the Untamed: Experience the untamed beauty of nature with Cognac Augier Non-Chill Filtered Le Sauvage 81.6 and discover a world of flavor that defies convention. With its bold intensity and uncompromising authenticity, this exceptional Cognac promises to transport you to the heart of the Grande Champagne region with every sip, inviting you to embrace the raw beauty of the natural world.




Tasting Notes

Prepare to embark on a wild and untamed journey of flavor with Cognac Augier Non-Chill Filtered Le Sauvage 81.6, where each sip unveils the raw essence of nature:

Upon nosing, the air is filled with an intense bouquet of ripe fruits and warm spices. Fragrant notes of succulent apricots and tangy citrus mingle with hints of cinnamon and toasted oak, evoking images of sun-drenched orchards and spice-laden markets.

On the palate, Cognac Augier Le Sauvage reveals its bold and unfiltered character with a symphony of flavors. Ripe fruits explode on the tongue, accompanied by a rich tapestry of warm spices and earthy undertones. The absence of chill filtration allows the Cognac's natural richness and complexity to shine, creating a visceral and immersive tasting experience.

The finish is long and lingering, like the echoes of a wild and untamed landscape. Layers of flavor linger on the palate, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the Cognac's unbridled intensity. It's a finale that leaves a lasting impression, evoking the raw beauty and power of nature.

Distillery Information

Cognac is a specific type of brandy produced from distilled white wine. It must be distilled twice, using copper pot stills, and aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Cognac's distillation season lasts from October 1 through March 31, a five-month annual window.The brandy must be twice distilled in copper pot stills and aged at least two years in French oak barrels from Limousin or Tronçais. Cognac matures in the same way as whiskies and wines barrel-age, and most cognacs spend considerably longer "on the wood" than the minimum legal requirement.
Some cognac houses are now bottling cognac from a single distillery but this is still a blend of many different vineyards and ages of eaux-de-vie even though they have all been distilled at the same site. Typically cognacs are blended from numerous vintages across many different vineyards and crus.
Cognac is made with grapes, which are turned into wine then distilled twice and left to age in barrels. The big Cognac houses rely on the 6,000 growers in the region who supply grapes as well as eau-de-vie.Cognac is a category of Brandy name named for the Cognac region where it is produced. This grape-based distillate is a protected French appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), which requires the adherence to specific rules during production of the spirit.