Codigo 1530 Tequila Anejo Barrel Strength 2 yr 88

Codigo 1530 Tequila Anejo Barrel Strength 2 yr 88

Codigo 1530 Tequila Anejo Barrel Strength 2 yr 88

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Prepare to be captivated by the bold and robust character of Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this barrel-strength expression pushes the boundaries of tequila excellence, delivering an unparalleled drinking experience that is both intense and complex.

Potent Craftsmanship: Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 is the result of masterful craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Distilled from the finest blue Weber agave and aged for a full two years in charred American oak barrels, this tequila undergoes an intensive maturation process that imbues it with depth, richness, and unparalleled intensity.

Unleash the Intensity: At a robust 88 proof, Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 packs a powerful punch that is sure to command attention. The higher alcohol content amplifies the tequila's bold flavors, allowing notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak to shine through with remarkable clarity and intensity.

Complex Flavor Profile: From the first sip, Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 tantalizes the palate with its complex array of flavors. Rich caramel and velvety vanilla mingle with hints of toasted oak and warm baking spices, creating a symphony of taste sensations that linger long after each sip. The tequila's smooth and velvety texture adds to its allure, making it a pleasure to savor with every sip.

An Expression of Excellence: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for premium cocktails, Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 is the ultimate choice for tequila enthusiasts seeking an elevated drinking experience. Its bold flavors, intense character, and undeniable complexity make it the perfect companion for special occasions, celebrations, and moments of quiet indulgence alike.

Embrace the Power: Raise a glass to intensity, complexity, and the unrivaled excellence of Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88. With its potent character, masterful craftsmanship, and undeniable charm, it is a tequila that commands respect and demands to be savored.

Appearance: Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 presents a deep amber hue in the glass, reflecting its intensive aging process and high proof.

Nose: The aroma is robust and inviting, with rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak immediately apparent. Layers of complexity unfold with hints of toasted spices, dried fruit, and a subtle earthiness, promising a deeply satisfying tasting experience.

Palate: On the palate, Código 1530 Tequila Añejo Barrel Strength 2-Year 88 delivers an intense burst of flavor. Bold caramel and velvety vanilla dominate the forefront, followed by layers of oak, charred wood, and warm baking spices that add depth and complexity. Despite its high proof, the tequila maintains a smooth and luxurious mouthfeel, coating the tongue with its rich and velvety texture.

Finish: The finish is long and lingering, with the tequila's intense flavors gradually tapering off to reveal a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice. As the last remnants fade, a sense of warmth and satisfaction remains, inviting another sip to prolong the experience.

The “1530” is a nod to the Spanish conquistadors who founded Amatitán in that very year. The city's slogan is “donde todo empezó,” which means “where it all began,” a reference to this region being the birthplace of tequila.Passionately produced in a distillery in Amatitán, Jalisco, MX the rested tequilas are meticulously aged to taste in the world's finest French Oak Cabernet wine barrels procured from the Napa Valley region.Typical containers used in aging tequila are French or American white oak barrels that have previously been used to age whiskey or bourbon. The longer the tequila ages, the more color and tannins the final product will have.The tequila now known as Código 1530 has been produced for generations in the ancient, picturesque town of Amatitán, Mexico. Amatitán is roughly 15 miles as the crow flies from Guadalajara, but it's worlds away from the city's hustle. The town has a little central plaza, 300-year-old ruins, and dusty, hot agave fields.Mexico- Codigo 1530 is private recipe tequila that is very sophisticated and has a very nice mouthfeel. Takes the deliciously concentrated blanco and add six months of French oak wine cask maturation for a gentle touch of exotic spice and richness to get this tequila.Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the Weber blue agave plant that grows in Mexico. The blue agave plant has huge spikes that come up from a central core that is called the pina. After the leaves are removed, the pina is the part of the plant that is used to make tequila.Código 1530 Blanco unrested 100% agave tequila perfect reflects our time-honored process. We take pride in every step in our production, carefully sourcing only the best ingredients to produce a spirit that requires no resting.

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