Clynelish 14 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Clynelish 14 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Clynelish 14 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Indulge in the refined sophistication of Clynelish 14 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a true exemplar of the Scottish Highland tradition. Crafted with precision in the windswept coastal village of Brora, this exceptional whisky is a celebration of over a century of distillation mastery.

The radiant gold hue hints at the whisky's time spent maturing in oak casks, a process that imparts a rich complexity to its character. On the nose, Clynelish 14 opens with a delightful bouquet of honeyed sweetness, intertwined with subtle floral notes and a touch of maritime saltiness that pays homage to its coastal origins.

The palate is a harmonious fusion of flavors, where luscious waves of honey, ripe fruits, and a gentle hint of vanilla dance gracefully across the taste buds. A mild peat influence adds depth without overpowering, contributing to the whisky's distinctive and well-rounded profile.

As the velvety liquid lingers on the tongue, Clynelish 14 unveils a long and warming finish, leaving behind a subtle reminder of its maritime heritage. The mastery of the distiller is evident in the whisky's balance, complexity, and the seamless integration of flavors that define this 14-year-aged expression.

Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, Clynelish 14 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a connoisseur's delight, inviting you to savor the essence of the Highlands with every sip. Elevate your whisky collection with this distinguished expression that encapsulates the artistry and heritage of Clynelish distillery.

Radiant gold in the glass, Clynelish 14 exudes an inviting warmth, a testament to its meticulous maturation in oak casks.

The aroma is a symphony of honeyed sweetness, with floral undertones and a subtle coastal breeze. Notes of ripe orchard fruits, such as apples and pears, mingle with a gentle touch of vanilla. The nose is a captivating introduction to the layered complexity that awaits.

On the palate, Clynelish 14 reveals a luxurious and well-balanced array of flavors. The honeyed sweetness persists, accompanied by a velvety texture. Ripe fruits take center stage, with hints of apricots and citrus zest adding a bright and vibrant character. A delicate undercurrent of mild peat provides depth without overpowering, contributing to the whisky's overall complexity.

The finish is long and warming, leaving a lingering impression of honey, a touch of oak, and a subtle maritime salinity. As the flavors gracefully fade, there's a sense of satisfaction and a desire for another sip, making the Clynelish 14 a truly memorable and inviting Scotch whisky.

Clynelish is a Highland whisky distillery in Sutherland. The original distillery was founded in 1819, but a newer one, built adjacent to the first, was opened in 1969 to keep up with demand. The former, known as the Brora Distillery, has now closed and bottlings from there are eagerly sought after.Clynelish distillery is a distillery near Brora, Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland.
The 'single' in 'single malt' simply means that the whisky is the product of a single distillery. Therefore, while a single malt can contain whisky from many different casks, all of this whisky must have been produced by one distillery.Clynelish Whisky is very popular as a Single Malt, but is also an important ingredient of the Blends of its owner Diageo.
Most people naturally assume that “single malt” means just that – a single whisky from a single barrel. In fact, what a Scottish “single malt” actually means is that it is only malt whisky, prepared in the traditional way, and produced by a single distillery in Scotland.
Scotch is only produced in Scotland and there are two main varieties — single malt and single grain. Single malt Scotch whiskey is made at one distillery from water and malted barley. Single grain Scotch whiskey contains other whole grains from malted or unmalted cereals.Some common types include: Artisanal Distillery: These distilleries focus on small-batch production, often using traditional methods and emphasizing craftsmanship. Commercial Distillery: These distilleries operate on a larger scale and are designed for mass production.

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