Chairmans Forgotten Casks Reserve

Chairmans Forgotten Casks Reserve

Chairmans Forgotten Casks Reserve

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Introducing Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve, a testament to the artistry and dedication of the master blenders at Chairman's Reserve. This exceptional rum is crafted using a blend of carefully selected rums that have been aged in forgotten casks, allowing them to develop unique and complex flavors over time.

Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve begins its journey with the finest sugarcane, harvested from the lush fields of Saint Lucia. The sugarcane is pressed to extract its purest juices, which are then fermented and distilled using traditional methods, resulting in a smooth and flavorful rum base.

After distillation, the rum is aged in specially selected oak casks, where it is left to mature for an extended period. These casks, which have been tucked away and forgotten for years, impart a depth and richness to the rum that sets it apart from other expressions in the Chairman's Reserve lineup.

During the aging process, the rum develops complex flavors of caramel, vanilla, and oak, with hints of tropical fruits and spices emerging over time. The result is a rum of exceptional depth and character, with a smooth and velvety texture that lingers on the palate.

Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve is presented in an elegant bottle that reflects its premium quality and craftsmanship. Each sip of this exceptional rum is a journey of discovery, with layers of flavor waiting to be savored and enjoyed.

Whether enjoyed neat or as the base for your favorite cocktails, Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve promises a truly unforgettable drinking experience. Indulge in the rich flavors and unique character of this exceptional rum and discover why it has been worth the wait.

Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve presents a rich, deep amber hue in the glass. Its clarity suggests a well-aged spirit, while its color hints at the complexity of flavors to come.

Upon nosing, the aroma is inviting and complex, with layers of rich caramel, oak, and vanilla. Subtle hints of tropical fruits, such as ripe banana and pineapple, mingle with notes of toasted coconut and warm spices. The nose promises a rum of exceptional depth and character.

On the palate, Chairman's Forgotten Casks Reserve offers a luxurious and velvety texture that coats the tongue. Flavors of caramel, toffee, and dark chocolate dominate, followed by nuances of oak, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The rum's extended aging in forgotten casks has imparted a depth and complexity that is truly remarkable.

The finish is long and satisfying, with the flavors lingering on the palate. A gentle warmth emerges, accompanied by lingering notes of caramel, oak, and spices. The finish is smooth and velvety, inviting another sip.

Chairman's Reserve, 'The Forgotten Casks' Rum, St. Lucia Distillers [STRAPPED] - Skurnik Wines & Spirits.
Chairman's Reserve Limited Edition 1931 is a tribute to the rum philosophy and craft established by our founder, Denis Barnard, when he established his distillery in 1931, which has become today one of Saint Lucia's most cherished treasures, St. Lucia Distillers.
The Barnard family bought out the Geest shares in 1992 and then in 1997 sold some of their interest to Trinidad-based Angostura Ltd. In 2005, the Barnard family sold their remaining shareholding to Clico Barbados Holdings with third-generation rum-maker Laurie Barnard, the "Chairman", staying on as Managing Director.
Chairman's Reserve was first blended in 1999, overseen by then Chairman, Laurie Barnard, as a special project to create a fine quality rum that can represent the iconic style of St. Lucian rum. Won a Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2023.

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