Cava De Oro Plata Tequila

Cava De Oro Plata Tequila

Cava De Oro Plata Tequila

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Experience the epitome of purity and sophistication with Cava De Oro Plata Tequila, a pristine expression of Mexico's esteemed tequila-making tradition. Crafted with dedication and precision, this exceptional spirit captures the essence of Mexico's sun-soaked agave fields, delivering a taste of unparalleled quality and authenticity.

Cava De Oro Plata Tequila begins its journey with hand-selected blue Weber agave, cultivated in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. Each agave plant is meticulously tended to, allowing it to reach peak maturity and sweetness before being harvested by skilled artisans.

Following harvest, the succulent agave hearts undergo traditional cooking methods to extract their rich juices, which are then fermented and distilled with precision to preserve their natural flavors. The result is a pure and unadulterated tequila, characterized by its crystal-clear appearance and vibrant taste.

On the nose, Cava De Oro Plata Tequila entices with aromas of fresh agave, citrus zest, and hints of delicate floral notes, promising a refreshing and invigorating experience.

The palate is treated to a symphony of flavors, with crisp notes of sweet agave, hints of tropical fruit, and a touch of black pepper that add depth and complexity. Its silky-smooth texture glides effortlessly, delivering a clean and refreshing finish that leaves a lingering sense of satisfaction.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for premium cocktails, Cava De Oro Plata Tequila is the perfect choice for those seeking an authentic taste of Mexico's finest spirits. With its unparalleled purity and exquisite flavor profile, Cava De Oro Plata Tequila promises to elevate any drinking experience to new heights of enjoyment and sophistication. Embark on a journey of unparalleled excellence with Cava De Oro Plata Tequila – the ultimate expression of Mexico's tequila heritage.

Appearance: Rich amber with glints of copper, showcasing its meticulous aging process in oak barrels.

Nose: Aromas of toasted oak and vanilla bean greet the senses, followed by notes of caramelized sugar and hints of cinnamon. Subtle undertones of dried fruit and roasted agave add depth and complexity.

Palate: The first sip reveals a velvety texture, with flavors of dark chocolate, toffee, and espresso unfolding on the palate. Layers of oak and spice intermingle with the sweetness of cooked agave, creating a symphony of rich and indulgent flavors.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of oak, caramel, and a hint of black pepper. A subtle warmth lingers on the palate, inviting another sip.

It is produced at Tequila Puerta de Hierro Distillery (NOM 1477) under the direction of Master Tequila Distiller Gildardo Partida Melendrez, who uses traditional pot stills for the spirit's double-distillation.
Cava De Oro tequila is a premium tequila made by Tequilera Puerta de Hierro in Jalisco, Mexico which is a distillery dedicated to crafting only the highest quality tequila in the world.
Cava De Oro extra Anejo offering is aged five years versus the typical three year minimum. This extra aging imbues this exceptional tequila with dark amber color and a complexity on the nose, including cinnamon, caramel, vanilla and nutmeg.
Tequilera Puerta de Hierro. Our history begins around the 90s, when influenced by their parents, our founders: Don Gildardo Partida Meléndez and Doña Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero, began their journey through the agave fields, focused on the planting, harvesting, cultivation and marketing of Agave.

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