Catena Malbec Wine

Catena Malbec Wine

Catena Malbec Wine

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Introducing Catena Malbec Wine, a true embodiment of Argentine winemaking excellence. Crafted by the renowned Catena family, pioneers in high-altitude viticulture in the Mendoza region, this Malbec showcases the unique terroir and dedication to quality that define the Catena legacy.

Elevated Terroir: Grown at elevations reaching 5,000 feet above sea level, the grapes for Catena Malbec thrive in the unique microclimates of Mendoza. This high-altitude terroir imparts exceptional complexity and intensity to the wine, creating a distinct expression of the Malbec varietal.

Vineyard Selection: Catena Malbec is a meticulous blend of grapes from various estate vineyards, each contributing its unique character to the final composition. The selection process ensures a harmonious balance of flavors and aromas, resulting in a wine that reflects the best of Mendoza's diverse terroir.

Flavor Profile: Upon the first pour, savor the deep, violet hues and the inviting aromas of ripe plum, blackberry, and floral undertones. The palate is a symphony of rich, dark fruit flavors, with hints of vanilla and spice. Soft, velvety tannins contribute to the wine's smooth texture, creating a well-rounded and memorable tasting experience.

Elegance in Aging: Catena Malbec is aged in French oak barrels, adding layers of complexity and a touch of toasty vanilla. The careful aging process contributes to the wine's structure and depth, ensuring a graceful evolution in the bottle.

Versatile Pairing: This Malbec is a versatile companion to a variety of cuisines. Whether enjoyed with grilled meats, hearty pasta dishes, or artisanal cheeses, Catena Malbec complements a wide range of flavors, making it a perfect choice for diverse culinary experiences.

Legacy of Excellence: With over a century of winemaking history, the Catena family's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every bottle. Catena Malbec is not just a wine; it's a testament to the family's dedication to producing wines that stand as benchmarks of Argentine viticulture.

Collector's Pride: Presented in an elegant bottle, Catena Malbec is not only a pleasure to drink but also a collector's pride. Its label reflects the family's deep connection to the land and their passion for crafting wines that capture the essence of Mendoza's high-altitude vineyards.

Indulge in the richness of Catena Malbec Wine – a journey through Argentina's terroir and the embodiment of a winemaking legacy that continues to set the standard for excellence. Cheers to the art of crafting wines that transcend time and terroir.

Catena Malbec graces the glass with a deep and alluring violet-red hue, hinting at the intensity that awaits. Its clarity and richness in color set the stage for a wine of substance and character.

Upon nosing, the wine releases a captivating bouquet of ripe plum, blackberry, and floral nuances. Layers of complexity unfold with each inhalation, revealing subtle hints of spice and a touch of vanilla. The aromatic profile is an invitation to the sensory journey that lies ahead.

The first sip introduces the palate to a symphony of flavors. Ripe dark fruits, notably plum and blackberry, dominate, creating a lush and velvety texture. Subtle notes of vanilla from the French oak aging contribute to the wine's elegance. Soft, well-integrated tannins provide structure, balancing the richness of the fruit with a refined smoothness.

The finish is a lingering embrace, showcasing the wine's depth and sophistication. As the flavors gradually fade, a subtle echo of spice and dark fruit remains, leaving a lasting impression. The finish is both satisfying and contemplative, encouraging further appreciation of Catena Malbec's well-crafted nuances.

The Catena Malbec shows a dark violet color with deep bluish-black tones. The nose offers ripe, concentrated dark fruit aromas with delicate floral notes and traces of vanilla and mocha. The mouthfeel is rich and lush, with spices, tobacco and a touch of leather.
Argentina is home to 75 percent of all the world's Malbec and of all Argentina's vineyards, 75 percent lie in the Mendoza region.
Bodega Catena Zapata is a family-owned winery located in Mendoza, in the sub appellation of Agrelo, Argentina. The winery structure is distinguished by its pyramid-like design based on Mayan architecture. The winery was founded in 1902 by Italian immigrant Nicola Catena and was passed to his son Domingo.
In 1902, Nicola Catena, an Italian immigrant, planted his first vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. The winery has remained under family control – now in its fourth generation – and is one of the few family owned wine companies in Argentina that remains in Argentine hands.
The grape is blended with Cabernet Franc and Gamay in some regions such as the Loire Valley. Other wine regions use the grape to produce Bordeaux-style blends. The varietal is sensitive to frost and has a propensity for shattering or coulure.
Many of the best come from Argentina (like HJ Fabre's Trophy winner below) but don't forget the dark wines of Cahors in southern France where it is known as Cot.

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