BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon

BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon

BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon

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Introducing BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon, a delectable fusion of smooth bourbon whiskey and rich brown sugar, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. Crafted with care and precision, this expression encapsulates the warmth and sweetness reminiscent of Southern hospitality, making it a delightful choice for both seasoned bourbon enthusiasts and those new to the world of whiskey.

BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon pours a deep amber hue, enticing the senses with its inviting color. The nose is immediately greeted with the captivating aroma of brown sugar, complemented by hints of vanilla and a subtle undertone of charred oak from the aging process.

On the palate, this bourbon unfolds with a velvety texture, offering a sweet and luscious experience. The rich infusion of brown sugar is the star, seamlessly blending with the smoothness of the bourbon. Notes of caramel and a touch of baking spices add complexity, creating a well-rounded and indulgent flavor profile.

Crafted with a combination of corn, rye, and malted barley, BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon reflects the distiller's commitment to quality and balance. The careful aging in charred oak barrels imparts a depth of character, ensuring a memorable and satisfying tasting experience.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a flavorful addition to your favorite cocktails, BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon invites you to savor the sweet side of bourbon. With its inviting warmth and approachable character, it's the perfect companion for moments of relaxation and celebration alike.

Indulge in the decadence of BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon – where the rich heritage of bourbon meets the sweetness of brown sugar in a glass. Elevate your bourbon experience with this delightful and flavorful expression.

BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon blends ultra-smooth Bourbon with just the right amount of brown sugar and cinnamon. Perfect for sipping, ideal for shooting and optimal as the main ingredient in your favorite cocktails.

BSB Spirits now has two fantastic flavored bourbon expressions: the BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon and the BSB 103. BSB has made quite a name of itself since it was launched by the Heritage Distilling Co, a craft distillery based in Gig Harbor, Washington.
Heritage Distilling Co. (HDC) is a craft distillery based in Gig Harbor, Washington. HDC has been the most awarded craft distillery in North America by the American Distilling Institute 7 years in a row from 2014 up until 2020.
BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon is a naturally flavored whiskey. Generous amounts of brown sugar and hints of cinnamon create a sweet and indulgent spirit with a classic whiskey warmth. Made in U.S.A. 60 Proof.
Some sources trace bourbon's origins to Kentucky in 1789. Some of these sources credit Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister, with the invention of bourbon after he aged corn whiskey. That same year, Craig opened a distillery in Georgetown, Kentucky.BSB moved its headquarters from Washington to Texas in 2019. A spokeswoman wouldn't disclose how much of the company Foxx owns or the financial terms. BSB sells two beverages: BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon, a 30% ABV spirit with notes of brown sugar and cinnamon; and BSB 103, a 51.5% ABV spirit that's a little less sweet.

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