Borsao Rose Wine

Borsao Rose Wine

Borsao Rose Wine

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Introducing Borsao Rosé Wine, a delightful expression of Spanish winemaking that captures the essence of Campo de Borja's sun-kissed vineyards. Crafted with precision and passion, this rosé is a celebration of vibrancy, freshness, and the unique character of the Garnacha grape.

Borsao Rosé welcomes you with a visually enchanting pale pink hue, hinting at the refreshing experience that awaits your palate. The nose is an aromatic bouquet of summer berries, with notes of strawberries, raspberries, and a touch of citrus, creating an inviting and lively fragrance.

On the palate, this rosé unfolds layers of flavor with a crisp and refreshing profile. Ripe red fruit flavors take center stage, complemented by a subtle minerality that adds depth and complexity. The well-balanced acidity brings a zesty and invigorating quality, making Borsao Rosé a perfect choice for warm weather enjoyment.

Crafted from Garnacha grapes sourced from the elevated vineyards of Campo de Borja, this rosé embodies the terroir of the region. The careful winemaking process ensures that the wine retains its natural brightness and fruit-forward character, resulting in a well-crafted and versatile rosé.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of dishes, Borsao Rosé is a versatile companion for any occasion. From picnics to poolside gatherings, its lively personality and refreshing qualities make it an ideal choice to elevate your moments with friends and family.

Savor the spirit of Spanish sunshine in every sip of Borsao Rosé Wine – a radiant and flavorful expression of the Garnacha grape, perfect for those who appreciate the lighter side of Spanish winemaking.

Borsao Rosé enchants the eye with a delicate and inviting pale pink hue, reminiscent of a Provencal sunset, setting the stage for a refreshing experience.

The nose is a fragrant burst of summer, revealing a symphony of ripe strawberries, luscious raspberries, and a hint of citrus zest. Delicate floral undertones add an extra layer of complexity, creating an alluring bouquet that entices the senses.

On the palate, this rosé unfolds with bright and crisp red fruit flavors. Juicy strawberries and succulent raspberries take center stage, while a subtle minerality adds depth and a touch of sophistication. The well-balanced acidity provides a lively and refreshing character, making each sip a delightful experience.

Borsao Rosé culminates in a clean and invigorating finish, leaving a lingering impression of fresh berries and a hint of citrus. The wine's balance and elegance make it a versatile choice for various occasions, from casual gatherings to more formal affairs.

Rose wine is made from a blend of both red and white grapes, giving it a unique flavour profile that falls somewhere in between. Red wines are typically more full-bodied with bold flavours, while whites tend to be light and crisp.
As usual, it's a blend of around 85% Garnacha plus Tempranillo and a splash of Syrah, all grown on the dusty, barren, soils of Spain's Campo de Borja region. Naturally grown, hand harvested, and fermented and aged all in tank, it's full of rich red cherry/berry fruit with a dash of wild herb flavors and aromas.
Pinot Noir is a worldwide favorite wine. It's perfect for any occasion or meal. It's light-bodied, with regular notes of cherry, vanilla, Darjeeling tea, raspberry, and hibiscus. It is consistently one of the best wines.
Does rosé wine have more alcohol or calories than other types of wine? Different types of wine – whether red, white, rosé or sparkling (like prosecco or champagne) – can vary a lot. They are typically around 11-14% ABV, although some can be as high as 14.5% ABV.
Rosé wines can be anywhere from syrupy sweet to bone dry. Older Rosé varieties produced in France and Spain will generally be quite dry, while newer Rosé wines will often have more sweetness. Of course, there are many exceptions.
The world of wine can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so many brands, types, and tastes out there. We wanted to make it easier, so enjoy our no-frills guide to the 4 basic types of wine where we'll explore the differences between white wines, red wines, rosés, and sparkling wines.

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