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Introducing Bonterra Organic Chardonnay, a celebration of nature's bounty and the art of organic winemaking. Crafted by Bonterra, a pioneer in sustainable viticulture, this Chardonnay is a testament to the commitment to organic practices, resulting in a wine that captures the essence of the pristine vineyards of California.

This Chardonnay showcases a radiant golden color in the glass, offering a visual preview of the richness within. The nose is a delightful symphony of aromas, featuring ripe pear, green apple, and hints of tropical fruit. The subtle influence of oak imparts notes of vanilla and a delicate toastiness, adding complexity to the aromatic profile.

On the palate, Bonterra Organic Chardonnay delivers a beautifully balanced experience. The fruit-forward character is complemented by a vibrant acidity that brings freshness to every sip. Flavors of juicy apple, ripe pear, and a touch of citrus intertwine with a creamy texture, creating a harmonious and well-rounded palate.

What sets this Chardonnay apart is its dedication to organic farming. The grapes are cultivated without synthetic pesticides or herbicides, allowing the true expression of the vineyard to shine through. The result is a wine that not only tastes exceptional but also reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Versatile and food-friendly, Bonterra Organic Chardonnay is a perfect companion to a variety of dishes. Whether paired with seafood, poultry, or enjoyed on its own, this wine enhances the dining experience with its pure and authentic expression of Chardonnay.

Elevate your wine moments with Bonterra Organic Chardonnay, where every sip is a journey into the richness of organic viticulture. Cheers to the harmony of nature and the exceptional taste found in every glass.



Tasting Notes

Bonterra Organic Chardonnay graces the glass with a radiant golden hue, offering a visual invitation to the richness within.

The aromatic journey begins with an enticing bouquet of ripe pear and green apple. Tropical fruit notes, such as pineapple and hints of mango, add a layer of complexity. Delicate nuances of vanilla and a subtle toastiness from oak aging contribute to the wine's overall aromatic charm.

Upon the first sip, the palate is treated to a beautifully balanced experience. Juicy apple and ripe pear take center stage, creating a luscious fruit-forward character. The vibrant acidity adds freshness, while a creamy texture imparts a sense of indulgence. The marriage of these elements creates a harmonious and well-rounded palate.

As the wine develops on the mid-palate, the tropical fruit notes persist, providing a delightful interplay with the primary fruit flavors. The subtle influence of oak adds depth and complexity, contributing to the overall richness of the Chardonnay.

Bonterra Organic Chardonnay concludes with a clean and refreshing finish. The fruit flavors linger, leaving a lasting impression that invites another sip. The finish is a testament to the purity and authenticity of organic winemaking, allowing the true expression of the vineyard to shine through.

Distillery Information

Founded by Barney Fetzer in Mendocino County, CA, in 1968 as Fetzer Vineyards, and today part of global powerhouse Viña Concha y Toro, Bonterra Organic Estates remains driven by excellence, innovation and longstanding commitments to the environment and responsible business practices.Every bottle of our wine is made with 100% organic grapes, creating harmony between innovation and tradition. Why organic? We believe that organic grapes produce the purest expressions of the varietals and land on which they are farmed, which is why we've been farming this way for over 30 years.
Inspired by an organic produce garden, the Fetzer family plants their first organic vineyard in Mendocino County, California.
Because it is now grown nearly everywhere wine is made, and because we label it by the grape variety rather than the place of origin, we tend to forget that appellations such as Montrachet, Meursault, Pouilly-Fuissé and Chablis are synonymous with chardonnay.Mendocino, CA- An initial impression of rich, buttery cream quickly turns to aromas of honey and lightly toasted almonds, followed quickly by tropical aromas of pineapple, citrusy lemon. Pear and citrus note appear on the palate balanced by a dollop of oak. Organically Farmed.