Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch Whiskey 2

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Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2, a pinnacle of distilling artistry. Sourced from a renowned distillery, this small-batch bourbon is a testament to precision and passion.

Distillery Information: Crafted with meticulous care at a distinguished distillery, Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2 embodies the essence of time-honored traditions and expertise. The distillery's commitment to excellence shines through in every golden drop, promising a sensory journey like no other.

Product Information: Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2 stands as a distinguished expression of quality and flavor. With a higher rye content, this bourbon delivers a robust and complex profile that captivates the discerning palate. Bottled in limited quantities, each release is a testament to the artistry of the master distillers behind its creation.

Elevate your spirits collection with Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2—a celebration of craftsmanship, heritage, and unparalleled flavor. Limited availability ensures that each bottle is a coveted gem for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.



Tasting Notes

On the tongue, Blue Run High Rye Bourbon is a caramel beauty full of baking spices and a toasted oak frame that crescendos with a stone fruit and black pepper finish. Each bottle features an iridescent coating on the brand’s signature gold butterfly to create a prismatic, rainbow-hued medallion, making it easily identifiable on any back bar.

Distillery Information

Blue Run Distillery is known for its commitment to crafting high-quality spirits, particularly bourbons, that emphasize the art of blending. The distillery was founded by industry veterans and enthusiasts who share a passion for creating exceptional spirits. The overall narrative typically involves a dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Blue Run Distillery places a strong emphasis on meticulous barrel selection and traditional whiskey-making techniques. The brand often aims to showcase the artistry of blending, allowing for the creation of unique expressions that appeal to a diverse range of palates.