Blue Run Flight Series II Biscayne Breeze

Blue Run Flight Series II Biscayne Breeze Whiskey

Blue Run Flight Series II Biscayne Breeze Whiskey

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Blue Run Flight Series II Biscayne Breeze

Embark on a journey of unparalleled bourbon exploration with Blue Run's Flight Series II, where each expression is a carefully curated selection representing the epitome of the distiller's art. Among these gems lies the captivating Biscayne Breeze, a bourbon that captures the essence of leisure and coastal allure.

Flight Series II Concept: Flight Series II is a celebration of diversity and craftsmanship, showcasing the artistry of Blue Run's master distillers. Each expression in the series is a distinct chapter in the brand's narrative, offering bourbon enthusiasts a unique and memorable tasting experience. Biscayne Breeze stands as a testament to the creativity and expertise that define Blue Run's Flight Series.

Bottle Design: Housed in a bottle as exquisite as the liquid it holds, Biscayne Breeze reflects the coastal inspiration of its name. The label, adorned with the Flight Series II insignia, signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation. The sleek design evokes the sense of a refreshing breeze off the water, setting the stage for the sensory journey within.

Legacy of Blue Run Distillery: Blue Run Distillery, known for its dedication to pushing the boundaries of bourbon craftsmanship, invites you to partake in the Flight Series II experience. Biscayne Breeze embodies the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of perfection, carrying the legacy of Blue Run's commitment to exceptional bourbon.

A Coastal Escape in Every Sip: Unwind with the coastal charm of Biscayne Breeze. Whether shared with fellow enthusiasts or enjoyed in solitary reflection, each pour is an invitation to escape to the shores of flavor and sophistication. Blue Run Flight Series II Biscayne Breeze—an ode to the art of bourbon and the allure of the coast.

Elevate your bourbon journey. Choose Blue Run. Choose Flight Series II. Choose Biscayne Breeze.

Product Information:

  • Name: Blue Run Flight Series II ‘Biscayne Breeze’
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Series: Flight Series II
  • Distillery: Blue Run Distillery
  • Edition: Limited
  • Special Features: Exceptional craftsmanship, unique flavor profile

Distillery Information: Blue Run Distillery, known for its dedication to producing exceptional spirits, has curated a masterpiece in the form of Flight Series II ‘Biscayne Breeze.’ Nestled in their state-of-the-art facility, this distillery combines traditional techniques with modern innovation, resulting in a bourbon that stands out in both flavor and quality.

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of Blue Run Flight Series II ‘Biscayne Breeze’ – a true embodiment of the distillery's artistry and an exquisite addition to any connoisseur's collection.

The flavor begins with subtle campfire matched with honey and spice, leading to bight citrus and green grapes, then ending in light brown sugar.

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