Blue Run 4 Pack Combo

Blue Run 4 Pack Combo Whiskey

Blue Run 4 Pack Combo Whiskey

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Blue Run 'Reflection I' Bourbon Whiskey - Blue Run “Reflection I” Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey and was contract distilled by Blue Run’s Liquid Advisor and Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge. Jim distilled this batch of barrels at Castle & Key Distillery. The name “Reflection I” was chosen by two of Blue Run’s founders who faced personal challenges over the past two years, in the middle of the pandemic and while launching the company. Pulled from existing aging stocks, this approachable bourbon, at this particular proof, is what they both enjoyed during this period, allowing them to reflect on what truly matters, starting first and foremost with family.

Blue Run Golden Rye 750ML - Blue Run small batch Golden Rye Whiskey is Blue Run’s inaugural Rye expression. Named for both the distinct color of the choice grains that were used in the creation process and the accolades that the whiskey has garnered. Most notably, Gold medal winner at the SF World Spirits Competition.


Emerald Rye is Blue Run’s second Rye Whiskey release. Contract distilled at Castle & Key in Frankfort, Kentucky, this limited collection was crafted from just 189 barrels. Emerald embraces the distinct, spicy characteristics of rye, yet with the approachability and depth of an aged bourbon.

Bold, vibrant and captivating like the rare, glimmering green stone itself, Emerald Rye is the follow-up to Blue Run’s award-winning Golden Rye.

BLUE RUN STRAIGHT HIGH RYE BOURBON BATCH 2 750ML - Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2 - Blue Run Straight High Rye Bourbon Batch 2 is a small-batch whiskey and is the first Blue Run product with Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge serving as the contracted Master Distiller (on all previous Blue Run products, except Golden Rye, Jim served as the Liquid Advisor). Jim distilled this batch at Castle & Key Distillery.

This diverse 4 Pack Combo presents a range of hues, from rich amber to deep mahogany, teasing the variety within each bottle.

As you explore the nose of each bourbon in the combo, a symphony of aromas unfolds. Caramel and vanilla notes are a common thread, accompanied by the nuances specific to each expression—perhaps a touch of spice, a hint of fruit, or the subtle embrace of oak.

The first sips reveal a masterful curation of flavors. Rich toffee and honey sweetness are prevalent, providing a velvety mouthfeel. Each bourbon in the combo showcases distinct layers of complexity, ranging from the warmth of baking spices to the depth of dark chocolate, creating a dynamic and engaging tasting experience.

Flavor Profile:
Mid-palate, the combo takes you on a journey through the flavor spectrum. Some expressions might emphasize the sweetness of caramel and dried fruits, while others may lean toward a more robust and oaky character. The diversity of profiles ensures that there's a bourbon to suit every palate.

The finish is a collective encore, with each bourbon contributing to a harmonious and lingering conclusion. The warmth persists, leaving an impression of sophistication and a desire to explore the complexities further.

Blue Run Distillery has gained recognition for its limited releases and commitment to producing high-quality bourbon. The brand focuses on craftsmanship, and its releases often showcase unique expressions and innovative approaches to bourbon production.

Philosophy: Blue Run Distillery is dedicated to producing exceptional bourbon that honors traditional methods while embracing innovation. The distillery has garnered attention for its limited-edition releases, each telling a story of meticulous curation and craftsmanship.

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