Balcones Corn Whisky Brimstone Texas Scrub Oak Smoked Whiskey

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Introducing Balcones Corn Whisky Brimstone, a bold and distinctive expression that captures the spirit of Texas in every sip. Crafted with passion and precision at the Balcones Distillery, this unique corn whisky undergoes a process as robust as the Lone Star State itself – Texas scrub oak smoking.

Brimstone is a whisky unlike any other, where the art of traditional whisky-making meets the rugged character of Texas terroir. Starting with 100% blue corn, this exceptional spirit is carefully distilled and then subjected to an intense smoking process using Texas scrub oak. The result is a whisky that bears the unmistakable signature of the Lone Star State's rich, smoky heritage.

With its deep amber hue, Balcones Corn Whisky Brimstone offers a sensory journey that begins with a nose filled with the enticing aroma of smoked campfire, charred oak, and a subtle sweetness reminiscent of roasted corn. The palate is an adventure of robust flavors, where the essence of the charred scrub oak intertwines with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of spice.

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Balcones Corn Whisky Brimstone is a testament to the artistry of Texan distillation. Each bottle reflects the commitment of Balcones Distillery to pushing the boundaries of whisky-making, creating an experience that resonates with those who appreciate the bold and the extraordinary.

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