Baileys Cream Liqueur Espresso Liqueur

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Introducing Baileys Cream Liqueur Espresso – an exquisite fusion of velvety Irish cream and the rich, robust essence of espresso. Elevate your indulgent moments with this decadent liqueur that seamlessly marries the creaminess of Baileys with the intense flavor of finely crafted espresso.

Picture yourself savoring the luxurious aroma as the cap is unscrewed, releasing the enticing scents of Irish whiskey, smooth cream, and the unmistakable essence of freshly brewed espresso. Baileys Cream Liqueur Espresso pours into your glass with a luscious, mocha-colored swirl, inviting you to experience a symphony of flavors.

The first sip is a revelation, as the smoothness of Baileys Irish Cream envelopes your palate, paving the way for the bold and invigorating kick of espresso. Notes of rich chocolate and hints of caramel dance on your taste buds, creating a harmonious balance between sweetness and the robust bitterness of the coffee.

Perfectly enjoyed over ice or creatively incorporated into cocktails, Baileys Cream Liqueur Espresso adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee creations, dessert pairings, or enjoyed on its own as an indulgent treat. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or simply seeking a luxurious moment of relaxation, this liqueur delivers an unparalleled sensory experience.



Tasting Notes

Taste: Coffee, chocolate and creamy Baileys Original Irish Cream

Distillery Information

Diageo Plc is the distillery for Baileys Colada, a limited edition Irish cream liqueur. The liqueur is made in Dublin, Ireland and Mallusk, Northern Ireland.