Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum

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Introducing Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum, a true embodiment of Brazilian craftsmanship and tradition. Distilled with precision and passion, this rum captures the essence of Brazil's rich sugarcane heritage, delivering an unparalleled taste experience.

Crafted using only the finest hand-cut sugarcane, Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum undergoes a meticulous distillation process to preserve its natural flavors and aromas. The result is a spirit of exceptional quality, boasting a bold and robust flavor profile that is both authentic and captivating.

With its higher proof, Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum offers a more intense and complex taste experience, making it perfect for sipping neat or elevating your favorite cocktails. Its vibrant notes of tropical fruits, subtle hints of spice, and smooth finish transport you to the sun-drenched landscapes of Brazil with every sip.

Presented in a sleek and elegant bottle, Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Brazilian distillers. Whether enjoyed on its own or in your favorite cocktail creations, Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum promises to ignite your senses and inspire your taste buds. Experience the spirit of Brazil with Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum today.




Tasting Notes

Upon nosing, the aroma is vibrant and aromatic, with pronounced notes of freshly cut sugarcane and tropical fruits. Subtle hints of citrus zest and floral undertones add complexity to the bouquet, evoking the lush landscapes of Brazil where the sugarcane is harvested.

On the palate, Avua Still Strength Cachaca Rum offers a bold and robust flavor profile, with the natural sweetness of sugarcane taking center stage. Layers of tropical fruits, including pineapple and banana, mingle with hints of peppery spice and herbal undertones, creating a harmonious and dynamic taste experience.

The finish is long and satisfying, with the rum's flavors lingering pleasantly on the palate. A subtle warmth emerges, leaving a lingering impression of Brazil's vibrant culture and the artistry of cachaca production.

Distillery Information

Cachaça is a liquor produced from sugarcane in Brazil. Like rum, cachaça has two varieties: unaged, known as “branca” (white) or “prata” (silver), and aged, known as “amarela” (yellow) or “ouro” (gold). The former is usually bottled immediately after distillation and, as a result, tends to be cheaper.Avuá Bálsamo Cachaça is hand-crafted and aged up to two years in bálsamo wood casks, a high density, burgundy colored hardwood native to South and Central America. These tall trees with a fine grain impart a herbaceous aroma with a flavor that hints at minerality, citrus and bitterness.
Avua is a small batch, single sourced cachaca expertly handcrafted by one of Brazil's few female distillers. She grows the sugarcane at her family's hillside farm, located about four hours north of Rio de Janeiro.
Technically, cachaça can only be made in Brazil from fresh cane juice, which is fermented and single distilled. Rum, on the other hand, can be made anywhere, and is usually produced from molasses, a cooked byproduct of sugar production, and distilled to much higher percentages of alcohol by volume. ...