Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition

Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition

Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled flavor with Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition. Crafted at the renowned Knockdhu Distillery, this expression pushes the boundaries of Scotch whisky, marrying traditional craftsmanship with a bold and innovative spirit. Rascan stands as a testament to the distillery's commitment to pushing the envelope while respecting the rich heritage of Highland single malts.

Smoky Allure: Rascan captivates from the first pour with its distinctive smoky allure. Unlike traditional Ancnoc expressions, this limited edition ventures into the realm of peated malts, offering a tantalizing dance of sweet peat smoke that envelops the senses.

Complex Layers: Experience the complexity that unfolds with every sip. Rascan reveals layers of rich toffee, warm vanilla, and a hint of citrus, complemented by the bold and assertive influence of the peat. This limited edition is a harmonious blend of traditional sweetness and the captivating allure of smoky undertones.

Innovative Maturation: Matured in a carefully selected combination of American oak and European oak casks, Rascan undergoes a meticulous aging process. The result is a whisky that marries the vanilla and spice of the oak with the robust character of peat smoke, creating a truly unique and memorable tasting experience.

Highland Heritage Meets Innovation: Rooted in the Highland heritage of Ancnoc, Rascan Limited Edition pays homage to tradition while boldly embracing innovation. The pristine waters, the finest malted barley, and the commitment to craft converge in this expression, offering a glimpse into the future of Scotch whisky.

Collector's Edition Presentation: Housed in a collector's edition packaging that reflects the exclusivity of Rascan, this limited release is a visual masterpiece. The label showcases the distillery's commitment to pushing boundaries, and the packaging is a nod to the innovation contained within.

A Toast to Innovation: Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition invites you to raise a glass to the daring spirit of exploration. Whether you're a seasoned whisky connoisseur or an adventurous palate seeking new horizons, Rascan promises an unforgettable journey into the bold and unexpected realms of Scotch whisky.

The AnCnoc Rascan Limited Edition Single Malt Highland Scotch has a muted gold color. It has an initial sweetness of honey, followed by notes of green apples, oranges, and lemons. It also has sweet and spicy notes of vanilla

The Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch Rascan Limited Edition is a single malt Highland Scotch whisky from the Knockdhu distillery. The distillery is located in Knock, Banffshire and is owned by Inver House Distillers Limited.
The Rascan tool is used to prepare the land for peat harvesting. The Rascan Limited Edition is a peated single malt Scotch whisky with a PPM of 11.1.
It has a muted gold appearance and tasting notes of toffee, subtle spices, and a smooth leathery undertone.
The finish is floral and pleasantly smoky.
The Ancnoc distillery was built in 1893 and ran until 1983. Inver House bought and reopened the distillery in 1988. The AnCnoc single malt is labeled as a Highland whisky, but some say its style is more Highland malt than Speyside

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