Amor Mio Tequila Extra Anejo

Amor Mio Tequila Extra Anejo

Amor Mio Tequila Extra Anejo

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Introducing Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo – a masterpiece of time and refinement that transcends the boundaries of tequila craftsmanship. This extraordinary expression is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Amor Mio, showcasing the pinnacle of aged tequila sophistication.

Timeless Elegance: Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo is a tribute to time, aged gracefully for an extended period in oak barrels. The result is a tequila of unparalleled complexity and depth, where each drop encapsulates the essence of the blue agave and the rich history of Mexican tequila-making.

Aged to Perfection: This extra añejo tequila boasts a deep and rich amber hue, a visual testament to its patient maturation process. The liquid is a reflection of the years spent in charred oak barrels, absorbing the flavors and nuances that contribute to its extraordinary character.

Aroma: The aroma is a sensory journey, beginning with a symphony of rich caramel and vanilla notes. As the bouquet unfolds, hints of dried fruits, toasted oak, and a touch of chocolate emerge, creating a luxurious and inviting olfactory experience.

Palate: On the palate, Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo unveils a velvety texture and a profound complexity. The first sip introduces an opulent fusion of sweet agave, caramel, and the warmth of oak. Layers of flavor develop, revealing decadent notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and a subtle spice that lingers on the tongue.

Finish: The finish is enduring and satisfying, a harmonious blend of oak, sweetness, and a gentle warmth that extends the tasting experience. The aftertaste is a lingering echo of the tequila's exquisite journey, inviting reflection and appreciation for the craftsmanship invested in every drop.

Crafted with Passion: Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo is a labor of love, meticulously crafted with passion and precision. The distillers at Amor Mio honor tradition while pushing the boundaries of tequila aging, resulting in a spirit that stands as a symbol of excellence in the world of extra añejo tequilas.

Collectors' Pride: Presented in an elegantly crafted bottle, Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo is not merely a tequila; it's a collector's pride. The packaging mirrors the sophistication within, making it a distinguished addition to the most discerning spirits connoisseur's collection.

Indulge in the extraordinary with Amor Mio Tequila Extra Añejo – a tequila that transcends time, inviting you to savor the culmination of artistry, patience, and the pure essence of Mexico's beloved blue agave. Salud!

Flavor: Vanilla, cinnamon, cooked agave, prune, wood, hazelnut, wood and light dark chocolate.
Pairing : It is recommended for sweet meals and desserts, vanilla ice cream, crepes de cajeta, chocolate mouse, eclaire de café or chocolate, a good cigar, excellent digestive.

Amor Mio Tequila is a product that is composed of all that surrounds and means Mexico. The bottle is a blend of blown glass art and ceramic handicrafts. What is more important is the contents of the bottle, known in Mexico and throughout the World, Tequila. This in turn is the history of Mexico. Amor Mio was founded in 1996 in the Jalisco Highlands their estate spirits are all aged and bottled on site. Tequila Tres Mujers combines the best traditional methods with modern safety and purity standards.

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