Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo Tequila

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Experience the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship with Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo. Meticulously aged to perfection, this extraordinary tequila is a testament to the artistry of time, capturing the essence of Mexico's rich tequila-making traditions.

Aged to Elegance: Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo undergoes a patient maturation process in oak barrels, allowing time to work its magic. The result is a tequila that embodies the harmonious fusion of agave and wood, achieving a level of sophistication that can only come with years of careful aging.

Rich Complexity: Savor the layers of flavor that unfold with each sip. This anejo tequila boasts a rich, amber hue and offers a complex palate featuring notes of vanilla, caramel, and a subtle hint of spice. The agave's inherent sweetness is complemented by the nuanced influence of the oak, creating a symphony of taste that lingers delicately on the tongue.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo is a masterful creation crafted by skilled artisans dedicated to perfection. The agave plants are hand-selected at their peak, and the distillation process is executed with precision, resulting in a tequila that exemplifies the epitome of craftsmanship.

Versatile Indulgence: Whether savored neat to appreciate its full-bodied character or as the foundation for an exquisite cocktail, Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo Tequila elevates any occasion. Its smoothness and sophistication make it a tequila of choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Elegantly Presented: Encased in a thoughtfully designed bottle that reflects the spirit within, Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo Tequila is a visual masterpiece. The label pays homage to the brand's heritage, and the packaging exudes the refined elegance that characterizes this exceptional tequila.

A Toast to Tradition and Passion: Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo Tequila invites you to celebrate life's moments with a touch of Mexican passion and a nod to timeless traditions. Raise a glass to the culmination of artistry, patience, and the enduring love affair between agave and time.



Tasting Notes

Nose: Vanilla, cinnamon, prune, hazelnut, and wood
Palate: Vanilla, cinnamon, cooked agave, prune, wood, hazelnuts, and dried fruits
Color: Transparent with golden and copper sparkles
Aroma: Delicately complex, with prominent tones of wood, strong notes of vanilla and chocolate and nuts
Flavor: Vanilla, cinnamon, cooked agave, prune, wood, hazelnut, wood, and light dark chocolate

Distillery Information

Amor Mio tequila is distilled, aged, and bottled at the Tequila Tres Mujeres, S. A. De C. V. (NOM 1466) distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The name Amor Mio translates to "my love" and was founded by Jesus Partida in 1996.
Amor Mio Grand Reserva Anejo is aged for 24 months in American oak and French oak barrels. It has aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, prune, and hazelnut wood. It's best paired with sweet meals and desserts, vanilla ice cream, and crepes