Adictivo Tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino

Adictivo Tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino

Adictivo Tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino

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Introducing Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino – a refined and innovative expression that marries the depth of an Extra Añejo with the crystal-clear purity of a blanco. Meticulously crafted, this Cristalino tequila from Adictivo represents the harmonious fusion of tradition, aging, and modern sophistication.

Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Sourced from the sun-soaked agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino undergoes a unique process that removes the color imparted during aging, resulting in a pristine, crystal-clear appearance. The clarity sets the stage for a tasting experience that defies expectations.

Aged Complexity, Unveiled: This Cristalino tequila retains the complexity of an Extra Añejo, having been aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. Upon uncorking, the air is graced with a rich and inviting aroma, hinting at the velvety layers of toffee, vanilla, and subtle spices waiting to be discovered.

Velvety Smoothness: The first sip unravels a velvety smoothness on the palate – a symphony of flavors ranging from caramel and dark chocolate to nuanced herbal undertones. The removal of color allows the true essence of the aged agave spirit to shine through, creating a tasting experience that is both sophisticated and refreshingly unexpected.

Versatile Elegance: Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino is not just a tequila; it's a versatile companion that effortlessly adapts to any setting. Whether enjoyed neat to appreciate its nuanced complexity or used as the foundation for premium cocktails, this Cristalino exemplifies the versatility that defines Adictivo Tequila.

Crafted Innovation: Crafted with a spirit of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino embodies the best of both worlds – the depth of aging and the clarity of a blanco. Each bottle represents the brand's dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the tequila experience.

Indulge in the refined elegance of Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino – where tradition meets innovation, and every sip is a celebration of the unexpected. Cheers to the crystal-clear brilliance, the aged complexity, and the exceptional craftsmanship that define the spirit of Adictivo Tequila.

Nose: Vanilla, sweet dried fruit, lightly toasted oak
Taste: Oak, more vanilla, light floral tones
Finish: Long finish, with a rolling sweetness that lingers
Adictivo Tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino is a 100% pure Blue Agave tequila that's aged for five years. It has a bright silver color and sweet, fruity aromas.

Adictivo Extra Añejo Cristalino is made in El Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico. The master distiller is Gildardo Partida, who comes from a family that has been making tequila for over 100 years.
Adictivo Extra Añejo Cristalino is a 100% de agave tequila. It's aged for at least three years in barrels, making the product itself at least 10 years old. The final blend is filtered to remove color and enhance smoothness, and bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV).
Adictivo Extra Añejo Cristalino is described as smooth and sweet, with aromas of French oak barrel, vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

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