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Absolut Lime Vodka

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Absolut Lime Vodka is a refreshing and vibrant spirit that embodies the essence of zesty citrus. Crafted by the renowned Swedish distillery, Absolut, this premium vodka is infused with the bright and tangy flavor of limes, creating a smooth and lively profile that adds a delightful twist to classic cocktails. The aroma is a burst of fresh citrus, immediately invigorating the senses. On the palate, Absolut Lime delivers a harmonious balance of crisp acidity and a subtle sweetness, making it a versatile choice for mixing or sipping. Whether enjoyed in a classic gimlet, a refreshing mojito, or a simple vodka soda, Absolut Lime Vodka brings a burst of citrusy brilliance to every sip, making it a perfect companion for those who appreciate a modern and zestful vodka experience.
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