2XO the Phoenix Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Dixon Dedman

2XO the Phoenix Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Dixon Dedman

2XO the Phoenix Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Dixon Dedman

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Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of 2XO The Phoenix Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey, meticulously curated by the renowned distiller Dixon Dedman. This artisanal bourbon is a harmonious blend of carefully selected grains, distilled to perfection at Dedman's distillery.

Distillery Information: Crafted at the esteemed distillery overseen by Dixon Dedman, 2XO The Phoenix Blend embodies the legacy of traditional bourbon-making techniques. Dedman's commitment to quality and passion for the art of distillation shines through in every bottle.

Product Information: 2XO The Phoenix Blend is a premium Straight Bourbon Whiskey, characterized by its rich and complex flavor profile. Meticulously aged to achieve a perfect balance, this bourbon showcases notes of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice. The careful selection of grains contributes to a smooth and lingering finish, making it a standout choice for bourbon enthusiasts.

Short Testing Note: Upon the first sip, expect a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. The initial sweetness of caramel is complemented by the warmth of vanilla, while subtle hints of spice add depth to the experience. The impeccable balance and smooth finish make 2XO The Phoenix Blend a true testament to Dedman's mastery in bourbon craftsmanship.

Indulge in the legacy of Dixon Dedman's distillation artistry with every sip of 2XO The Phoenix Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey – a bourbon that transcends expectations and embodies the essence of true Kentucky bourbon tradition.

The Phoenix Blend is the first release in the ongoing Blender’s Series from a new line 2XO, Two Times Oak. Each release is unique and offers a range of flavor profiles with unexpected twists and turns, and this one’s no different. The Phoenix Blend combines the traditional smoky flavor of charred oak with the fruity complexity of liquid caramelized sugarcane to create a stylish new bourbon experience.

American Oak is the first blend in the Oak Series, an innovative double oak technique where Dixon introduces additional charred oak to barrels with a moderate amount of rye in the mashbill. Dixon will match the profile of each batch for consistent taste and character, providing an everyday offering. American Oak moves from sweet, rich butterscotch on the front, to savory roasted nutty notes in the middle, finishing with a lingering mild spice. It is very approachable and perfect for cocktails.

The Tribute Blend is the third small batch blend in the Brand’s Icon Series, a series of one-off small batch releases. Each blend is different and bears its own name, inspired by the story behind it. The Tribute Blend is a nod to Dixon’s parents and the path they paved for him. The Tribute Blend’s mouthfeel is viscous and rich, moving from initial sweetness on the front, to savory notes on the mid-palate, finishing with a muted but lingering spice that hangs around longer than expected.

The Gem of Kentucky is the premiere offering from 2XO. The only double barreled single barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on the market. The barrels are exclusively selected by Dixon from his double barreled stocks of the high rye bourbon mash bill (35% rye) that spend a year in new charred oak barrels before bottling. It is a full-bodied, full-flavored expression that leans on Dixon’s unique double-barreling process for a richer and more viscous mouthfeel. The differing char levels on the secondary barreling allow complex flavors to develop and balance the spicy finish from the high rye distillate.

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