Goose Island Bourbon County Old Fitzgerald Two-Year Barleywine Reserve (2022) 0.9oz

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Indulge in the epitome of barrel-aged elegance with Goose Island Bourbon County Old Fitzgerald Two Year Barleywine Reserve (2022) 0.9oz—a limited-edition masterpiece that marries the rich heritage of Old Fitzgerald bourbon with the nuanced artistry of barleywine aging. Crafted by Goose Island, this extraordinary release invites you to savor the intersection of time, tradition, and innovation in every nuanced sip.

Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Elegance: At the heart of this exquisite offering lies Old Fitzgerald bourbon, known for its smooth and velvety character. Aged for two years in the finest oak barrels, this bourbon provides the foundation for an unparalleled barleywine experience.

Barleywine Mastery: Goose Island's mastery of barleywine brewing reaches new heights in this special release. The marriage of Old Fitzgerald bourbon barrels and the barleywine style creates a symphony of flavors—melding caramel, toffee, and dark fruit notes into a complex and luscious tapestry.

Aged to Perfection: The careful maturation process unfolds over two years, allowing the flavors to harmonize and intensify. This meticulous aging imparts layers of depth, complexity, and a velvety smoothness that elevates the drinking experience to new heights.

Limited Edition Opulence: Presented in a collectible 0.9oz format, this release is a rare gem for the discerning enthusiast. Each bottle is a testament to Goose Island's commitment to excellence and the art of crafting exceptional barrel-aged brews.

Collector's Delight: With its distinctive packaging and limited availability, Goose Island Bourbon County Old Fitzgerald Two Year Barleywine Reserve (2022) 0.9oz is more than a beverage; it's a collector's delight. The label showcases the fusion of iconic brands, creating a visual masterpiece that complements the liquid within.

Versatile Sipping Experience: Whether savored slowly, shared among friends, or carefully cellared for future enjoyment, this barleywine reserve offers a versatile sipping experience. Its complex flavor profile makes it an ideal companion for moments of celebration and contemplation alike.

Bourbon County Legacy: As part of Goose Island's esteemed Bourbon County series, this release adds another chapter to the legacy of barrel-aged excellence. Joining a lineage of exceptional brews, this barleywine reserve exemplifies the dedication to quality and innovation that defines the Bourbon County brand.

Elevate Your Tasting Journey: Goose Island Bourbon County Old Fitzgerald Two Year Barleywine Reserve (2022) 0.9oz is an invitation to elevate your tasting journey. Immerse yourself in the world of barrel-aged sophistication and experience the culmination of craftsmanship that only time-honored tradition and relentless innovation can achieve. Cheers to the extraordinary.

Tasting Notes

Our Two-Year Barleywine Reserve evokes the rich intricacies from that of Old Fitzgerald’s Bottled-In-Bond Series for a velvety taste of rich malt, entwined with notes of toffee, cherry, vanilla, fig, and almond.

Distillery Information

Goose Island is renowned for its commitment to brewing innovative and high-quality craft beers. The brewery has played a pivotal role in the craft beer movement and is known for its Bourbon County Brand series, which includes a range of barrel-aged beers.

Key Points:

Bourbon County Brand Series: The Bourbon County Brand series is a collection of barrel-aged beers, including stouts and barleywines, known for their rich and complex flavors. These beers are often released in limited quantities and are highly sought after by beer enthusiasts.