19 Crimes The Punishment Pinot Noir

19 Crimes The Punishment Pinot Noir

19 Crimes The Punishment Pinot Noir

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Embark on a vinous journey into the realm of defiance with 19 Crimes The Punishment Pinot Noir, a wine that pays homage to Australia's rebellious past. Named after the historical convicts who faced punishment for their transgressions, this Pinot Noir captures the essence of defiance and resilience. From its striking label to its nuanced flavor profile, The Punishment is an exploration of bold character and the audacity to challenge convention.

A Crimson Rebellion: The Punishment Pinot Noir pours into the glass with a crimson rebellion, hinting at the intensity and audacity within. This striking color sets the stage for a wine that refuses to conform and invites you to partake in its rebellious spirit.

Aromas of Dark Intrigue: As you bring the glass to your nose, The Punishment unveils an aromatic symphony. Dark cherry, ripe raspberry, and subtle hints of earthiness mingle with a touch of oak spice. The bouquet is an invitation to delve into the dark intrigue that defines this Pinot Noir.

Velvety and Defiant Palate: The first sip reveals The Punishment's velvety and defiant palate. This Pinot Noir is crafted to showcase the delicate balance of red fruit flavors, including cherry and plum, wrapped in a velvety texture. The wine's smoothness belies the bold character that emerges with each nuanced sip.

Subtle Oak Influence: Aged in oak barrels, The Punishment gains a subtle influence of oak that adds depth and complexity. Notes of vanilla and a touch of smokiness complement the fruit-forward profile, creating a wine that invites contemplation and rewards the discerning palate.

Versatile Pairing Partner: The Punishment is a versatile companion for various pairings. Whether enjoyed with roasted duck, grilled salmon, or simply savored on its own, its nuanced flavors enhance the dining experience, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the rebellious and the refined.

Label Story of Historical Defiance: True to the 19 Crimes tradition, The Punishment features a label that tells the story of a historical convict who faced punishment. Each bottle becomes a vessel for storytelling, reflecting the rebellious spirit and resilience of those who endured punishment for their convictions.

Uncork the Rebellion: Uncork a bottle of 19 Crimes The Punishment Pinot Noir and immerse yourself in the rebellion. Whether drawn to its historical significance, nuanced flavors, or the audacity that defines this wine, The Punishment invites you to savor the taste of defiance in every velvety sip. Cheers to the bold, the punished, and the unapologetically defiant.

Medium bodied with soft, round tannins, cherry and strawberry fruit sweetness which complements the vanilla and spice oak undertones. All these elements combined create a well-balanced, enjoyable wine with a long finish.

19 Crimes is an Australian wine brand that produces value-priced red blends.

The Punishment Pinot Noir is a single varietal wine from the 2021 vintage. It is medium-bodied with soft, round tannins, and has an ABV of 14.1%.

The wine is described as having cherry and strawberry fruit sweetness that complements the vanilla and spice oak undertones.

19 Crimes wines come from southeastern Australia, where the country's most important wine growing regions are located.

The brand's name refers to the number of felonies used to exile convicts from Britain in 1787.

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