19 Crimes Hard Chard

19 Crimes Hard Chard Wine

19 Crimes Hard Chard Wine

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Introducing 19 Crimes Hard Chard, a bold and unapologetic expression of Chardonnay that pushes the boundaries of traditional winemaking. This rebellious white wine, a part of the notorious 19 Crimes collection, embraces the audacious spirit that defines the brand. With its distinctive character and a touch of defiance, Hard Chard stands as a testament to the winemaking innovation and the daring traditions of 19 Crimes.

Golden Rebellion in a Glass: Hard Chard reveals its rebellious nature through a golden hue that beckons with the promise of a daring Chardonnay experience. Uncork the bottle and immerse yourself in the audacious allure that awaits within.

Daring Aromatics: As the aromas escape the bottle, a daring blend of ripe tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, intertwines with subtle notes of toasty oak. The fragrance is an invitation to a sensory journey where richness and defiance coalesce.

Full-Bodied Defiance: The first sip delivers on the promise of audacity. Hard Chard is a full-bodied Chardonnay that boasts a rich and creamy texture. Flavors of ripe stone fruits, citrus, and a hint of vanilla oak engage in a rebellious dance on the palate, creating a harmonious yet daring experience.

Barrel Fermented Intensity: What sets Hard Chard apart is its barrel-fermented intensity. The wine undergoes a bold winemaking process that results in a complexity that resonates with those who appreciate a Chardonnay that refuses to conform.

Versatile Pairing Partner: Hard Chard is a versatile companion for a range of culinary adventures. Whether enjoyed on its own, paired with creamy pasta dishes, or complementing grilled seafood, its boldness stands up to hearty flavors and adds a rebellious touch to any dining experience.

19 Crimes Tradition of Defiance: Hard Chard proudly carries the tradition of 19 Crimes, a brand known for its rule-breaking ethos and the captivating stories of historical convicts on each label. The bottle tells a tale of defiance, aligning with the rebellious spirit that defines 19 Crimes.

Uncork the Rebellion: Unleash the rebellious spirit with 19 Crimes Hard Chard – a Chardonnay that refuses to conform to expectations. Whether you're a seasoned Chardonnay enthusiast or someone seeking a bold departure, Hard Chard invites you to uncork the rebellion and savor the taste of audacity in every sip. Cheers to the daring, the defiant, and the distinctive character of 19 Crimes Hard Chard.

Colour: straw yellow. Nose: lifted aromas of stone fruits, peaches & cream, and spicy oak. Palate: notes of melons coupled with stone fruit, all carried onto the palate & supported by a creamy oak backbone. The fruit sweetness is balanced by acidity, which drives the lingering finish of butterscotch & spice.

History: 19 Crimes is an Australian wine brand known for its unique approach to winemaking and storytelling. The name "19 Crimes" refers to the 19 crimes that could result in transportation to Australia during the 18th century. The brand features labels with images of individuals who committed these crimes, and they use augmented reality to bring these characters to life through their mobile app.

Winery: 19 Crimes is part of Treasury Wine Estates, one of the world's largest wine companies.


Grapes: Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used in the production of white wines. It is one of the most widely planted grape varieties globally.

Characteristics: Chardonnay wines can vary widely in style depending on factors such as region, winemaking techniques, and aging processes. They may exhibit flavors ranging from crisp green apple and citrus to richer notes of butter and vanilla, especially when aged in oak barrels.

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